What Is Igtools Net Story?

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Many Instagram users struggle to find a way to boost their accounts. It could be a post’s engagement like comments, views, etc. Anyone would love to have many followers who comment and like their posts. Let us face it, the more appreciation we get, the better we feel about it. Some tools offer increased likes or comments separately that are not up to the mark. 

Instead of going through countless Instagram account enhancement tools, one should start using igtools net story. Igtools has many loaded features that could help you boost your Instagram account’s reach. Many businesses or brands need the most likes to help their posts reach more users. Try out igtools net story once. In this article, we have covered everything necessary for you to know. 

What Are Igtools?

Often, people just start using a tool or a platform before being aware of all the features and functionalities it provides. Ultimately, it leads them to face issues with the application. Before diving into any app, one should know precisely what it offers. 

Similarly, igtools-net is a tool that provides you the functionality to get likes, comments, poll votes, story views, etc., for free. There might be a lot of platforms that allow the user to increase their reach directed to a specific post or story. But, igtools-net provides all these features for free. You do not have to pay any cost to enjoy the ability to bump likes and comments. 

Do Igtools Work?

Do Igtools Work

Like many apps in the market, one would question the ability of the platform’s work, given there are countless choices. igtools . net does work a lot of times with certain features it provides. Although, some parts are still “under maintenance” as per the igtools . net website. You will have some features labeled as under maintenance because those might not be available to the primary audience yet or might have been prohibited in your region to work.

Here is a list of the features of the igtools net story that we found as working. You can use these for reference whenever you want to use the tool for various purposes. 

Video Views

The feature allows you to increase the count of views of your video to over 60 viewers, but some users even found a way to increase the number further. We found it somewhat working.

Story Views

This feature works as well, and it provides the ability to increase the view count of the uploaded story to over 100 or more. One can increase this number after being familiar with the application. 

IGTV Views

igtools net like does provide the user an opportunity to increase their viewer count or activity up to 30 or more. And it works seemingly well. 


Igtools-net also offers to increase the number of poll votes posted by users up to 100. Sometimes even more along with reasonably practical working. 

Likes and comments

Like many other features, you can also increase the number of likes and comments directed to your posts. It does work, but it takes a few hours to reach your account for likes and comments. 

Is IGTOOLS Secure To Use?

We can completely understand if you question the platform’s security and safety before using it. igtools net story is entirely safe and secure to use, considering you might enter your credentials for the linked account. The website of igtools is SSL certified, which is a standard for specific websites. 

Secure or not

A few issues on the website might appear alarming to some users. For example, there are no FAQs to provide help, and this website uses bots to increase likes or comments. Your official Instagram account might get deactivated if used continuously. 

IGTOOLS Benefits

There are a couple of benefits you might encounter while visiting the website. Below is the list of those benefits: 

  • It does not require you to sign up 
  • Free to use 
  • Administration tools are handy at no additional cost
  • Allows users to increase the number of likes, comments, views, and votes

Here Are Some of the Administrations Offered by Igtools For:

Igtools-net mainly offers Instagram enhancement features. These features primarily include the likes, comments, views, votes, and reactions to one’s post. It is pretty straightforward to understand. 

The Following Tips Will Help You Grow Your Instagram Page Without Igtool:

If you do not want to use igtools for the reach of your post and naturally want to increase the interaction of the audience towards your account, there are a few ways that you can try out. 

1. Hashtags(#) – Use more hashtags for your posts or stories. It will directly show your posts to many users worldwide.

2. Unique Content – Keep your content and posts unique. It will automatically fetch more people for your account.

3. Quality – Instead of posting many pictures daily, focus on quality rather than quantity. Post once a week but ensure quality is up to the mark.

IGTools Net: A Step-by-Step Guide to How to Use It

Below are the steps you need to follow to use igtools :

  1. Download the application from a browser and install it. The app is not available on iOS devices. To access it, simply use the igtools net like website. 
  2. After installing the app, you must log into your account by completing human verification. For safety purposes, use a VPN before entering your credentials. 
  3. Once logged in, enter the account’s username to be boosted with likes and comments.
  4. Check the number of likes and comments you need and hit enter. 

Point by point survey about

Here are the IP addresses associated with igtools that you need to be aware of: 

  • – This address is based in San Francisco, California, U.S.
  • 37.7621 – 122.3971 – This server address is associated with the post.

The website is ranked over 62000 for the global position. The registrar’s name is Aerotek Bilisim Sanayi ve Ticaret AS, and other servers for the website are and

The Term Ig Tools Net Is Well Known.

Igtools-net website is famous for all the features it provides. Mainly, the features offered are used by people to increase the reach of their accounts. It is primarily well known to many users because it allows for these services for free. 

How is IGTools Net?

Overall, igtools net story is an easy tool to generate more likes and comments for your post. All you need to do is install the application and start right away. If you are one of those who like to increase their account growth, you would probably use igtools. 

Installation Instructions For Igtools On Android

The instructions for downloading igtools for Instagram are relatively straightforward. Firstly, you need to visit the igtools net story website and go to the download section. Once reached, click on download and install the app on your device. 

After installing the app on your device, you should log into the account that needs more likes and comments, and you are good to go. 

IGtools For iOS

As for iOS, the application is not available, but you can easily access the website by using any browser. All the features have been provided on the website as well. 

What Are The Best Ways To Get Free Followers On Instagram?

In a nutshell, you can quickly Get More Followers on Instagram with iDigic which provides genuine Instagram growth enhancements by expanding the commission, and one can also develop their record with Aigrow. You can use proper engaging hashtags for your posts and stories that will automatically generate free followers for your account. 

One can also provide unique and quality-focused content. More people will automatically follow the account for free by delivering the latter. These are the best ways to get free followers on Instagram rather than relying on other tools. 

What Features Can IGTools Offer You for Instagram Optimization?

Igtools primarily offers features associated with an Instagram account’s growth. These features are free and increase likes, comments, views, reactions, and votes. One can expect to get more responses to their post for free quickly. 

Combined, all these features allow the user to display an optimized and engaging profile to new users or other entities. 

How Easy Was Using IGtools?

Igtools, like any other website or app, is pretty straightforward to use. Some various toggles and buttons indicate clear actions or redirections of the platform. On a scale of one to ten for ease of usability, igtools would rank a decent 8. 

Which Option Is More Superior From the Perspective of Igtools?

Igtools fails to offer many features. It uses bots and provides fake likes, and the number of choices is restricted. A better alternative is AiGrow. It does not make use of bots and relies on artificial intelligence to increase the growth of your content. 

AIGrow – Real Instagram Growth


Since AiGrow does not use bots to increase likes and comments, it is safer to use. You would stop facing log-in alerts with this tool which are particularly annoying. 

What Can You Do With Aigrow To Develop Your Record?

Aigrow has a team of supervisors to analyze your account for more growth. It works on Instagram’s calculation to increase reach. It provides genuine Instagram growth enhancements by expanding the commission, and one can also develop their record with Aigrow. 

Using streamlined hashtags by aigrow to increase the reach of a post will provide the most used hashtags for promotion. Next, it has computer challenges to keep you plugged in. You can also use the aigrow interface to meet genuine Instagram followers and repost content from different accounts. 

FAQs About Igtools

1. When was IGTools.Net created?

Igtools was created and launched on 12th September 2018. 

2. What is the purpose of IGTools.Net?

The primary purpose of igtools is to provide more followers and reactions to an account. 

3. How Trustworthy Is IGTools Net?

The website of is certified safe to use, but it requires you to log in with your Instagram account credentials which might be unsafe. 

4. What Are Some Good Alternatives to IGTools.Net?

Alternatives like GetInsta,, InstaBox, and InsBottle are good to make use of.

5. or Igtools: how do they work?

The site works on any browser and uses bots to provide likes and comments.


Igtools is a decent tool for getting likes, comments, and other reactions for free quickly. It also provides additional features for different accounts. Although, it requires one to log into their Instagram account with original credentials, which is not secure and will increase the odds of data breaches and leaks.