Top reasons why you may need an Irvine employment lawyer

For the uninitiated, employment lawyers specialize in employment laws and all workplace-related matters. Employers must offer safe workplace to employees, where their rights are protected. While that should happen in the ideal world, employment discrimination is a hard reality in California, besides other states. If you find yourself in a position, where you are dealing with an unforeseen circumstance at work, consulting an Irvine employment lawyer can be a great idea. In this post, we are sharing more on why you may need a lawyer. 

  1. For reviewing job documents & offer. It’s a common myth that professionals only need an employment lawyer if they have run into trouble at work. An employment lawyer can be a great resource, for understanding job related documents, benefits, and rights. For example, what are the terms & conditions of the job contract? Can these terms impact your rights as an employee? These are some of the questions that a lawyer can answer. 
  2. For understanding harassment and/or discrimination issues. Any form of harassment and/or discrimination at work is unlawful. Sadly, such incidents are rather very common and are reported in California every year. If you have suffered harassment of discrimination at office, you should consult an employment lawyer to know more. They can guide you on whether you have case of harassment in the first place. 
  3. When you have been wrongfully terminated. California allows for at-will employment. This means that an employer can fire an employee whenever they want, even for reasons that may seem unjustified. In most cases, the reason for termination is given as such that the employer doesn’t get into a mess. If you believe that you were terminated for wrong reasons, meet an employment lawyer at the earliest. This could mean something like getting fired for reporting sexual harassment from a supervisor. 

As you may have guessed, an employment lawyer is critical to clients, depending on what their circumstances demand. If you are looking for known lawyers in Irvine, make sure that you check their profile. Select a lawyer who dedicates a considerable part of their practice to employment laws, and more importantly, they shouldn’t have a conflict of interest when taking your case. Some lawyers work for employees alone, although that’s not always mandatory. 

Depending on the actual circumstances and nature of lawsuit, employment lawyers may work on an hourly rate, or agree to a contingency fee.