Tips to Wear Nose Pin in a Modern Way

Nose pin is considered a symbolic representation of Indian tradition and culture. In recent years, nose pin is not just used for this purpose, but also as a great addition to spice up one’s modern look. The fashionable wearing of nose pin has evolved over the years. 

These days most women prefer to get their nose pierced. Some years ago, we used to spot only gold, silver, or diamond nose pins, but now you can spot nose pins in almost every metal and versatile design. Now let us take a look at some tips and modern ways to wear a nose pin. 

Nose spin vs face shape

Choose a nose pin according to your face shape. Not all nose pin you choose will suit your face shape. You can go for a small-sized stud if your nose is narrow. If you have a broad face shape, you can go for a big nose stud. A simple stud will suit any face shape. You can also pair the simple nose stud with traditional attire. 

Choosing the type of nose pin

Some of the nose pins that you can prefer for your modern look are studded hoops, simple nose pins with stone, simple hoops, diamond nose pins, studded Bali, and septum rings. You can also go for silver nose pins, which will give a modern look to your face. There are lots of online stores that sell silver nose pins in various designs. You can check on them. 

Septum rings will suit well for people with all face shapes, you just have to have some confidence to wear them with your modern dresses. You can also pick septum rings based on the occasion you are going to wear them for.

You can go to studded Bali if you don’t like big Bali. Studded Bali will go well with your modern and ethnic attires. There are also minute stone studs available in nose pins design. You can wear them with all your modern dresses. They will suit all kinds of looks and occasions. 

Type of metal

The type of metal decides the vibe and feel of your look. You can opt for a gold nose pin if you are someone who mostly wears traditional dresses. Though gold nose pins won’t be that bad on modern dresses, they are not an ideal choice. If you are going to wear modern attires most of the time, you should prefer wearing silver metal or antique nose pins. These will go well with modern dresses and also give a classic touch. 

Carry it with confidence

The most important part of wearing the nose pin is carrying it with confidence and elegance. You will add style and swag to your look by carrying your nose pin with confidence. Do not hesitate to carry your bold nose pin look.

You can find numerous styles of nose pins in the market. Many online jewellery stores are known for selling fashionable nose pins, as it is the current trend now. Once you buy it, make sure you wear it with confidence and style.