Order for Perfect Steak Right Way When You Visit Steakhouse

As a matter of fact, learning how to order while you are in steakhouse is quite straightforward and fun too. With your new found knowledge, you can explore different menus and select your most savoury dishes meant for your loved ones. 

It is however important to know about different kinds of beef cuts, so that you can save yourself from the embarrassment of appearing as uninformed and naïve.

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Health benefits offered by steak

Although, eating excess amount of red meat may contribute to certain obesity-related illnesses e.g. heart disease, however, occasionally eating steak can also be healthy and delicious food item.

Steak is low in carbohydrate and fat. Generally, an 8-ounce steak would contain fat of about 10 to 16 grams. Mostly people believe that steak contains saturated fat only. About 40% – 50% of the fat present in the steak is certainly saturated, but remaining fats are monounsaturated. 

Such fats are often recommended for improving heart health. This fat is also found in olive oil, which is popularly called as “healthy fat.

Following 4 types of steaks that are quite popular among the meat-lovers:

  1. Tenderloin/chateaubriand

It usually has no bones and you can cut through like hot knife through butter. It is either pan fried along with butter or best roasted and cooks faster than any other cuts. Because of its mild taste, people always prefer to take it with red wine.

  1. T-bone

This type usually is larger than any other cuts and can easily be identified. Also, it lies at intersections of 2 parts of cow. You will get on one side a tender fillet and on other side a firmer cut.

  1. New York strip

It is also called as strip or top sirloin. It is cut from area above ribs and has moderate amount of fat content. It is less tender as compared to tenderloin, but it has stronger flavour with beefy aroma.

  1. Rib steak

Usually, this meat is from the cow ribs and always served without bones. It has more fat than other cuts. The fat in Rib eye will bring out flavours in your meat hence it will be the richest and also tastiest beef cut.