Super Apps and their benefits

Today’s age is the time of multipurpose. People appreciate things that can serve more than one function. In this case, technological advancement has been the most efficient in providing people with innovations that are multi-functional. It is not a secret that now, apps that were used to provide car and bike services specifically also offer food deliveries, package transfers, online shopping and many other services. The new services in such apps have given customers several options to avail, which makes their lives easier and simpler. 

The apps that provide their users with maximum benefits are popularly known as super apps. Recently, some super apps have emerged in various parts of the world that serve collective purposes or the best afc solutions saving time and money. This article particularly looks at some of those super apps.


Gojek is an Indonesian app that started with rendering transportation services. It later launched GoSend, GoRide, GoFood, GoShop, and now it provides more than 20 services. 


It was a platform which was launched by China that allowed its users to connect through texts. However, now it is widely known as a super app which provides users with the options to pay utility bills, top-up their cards, Enterprise WeChat that allows employees to contact their co-workers and also keep a tab on annual leaves. 


Another super app is Grab that started off offering transportation services and later began to provide food delivery services and payment services through cell phones. 


Alipay is another super app that China launched. It is associated with the Alibaba Group and provides financial services such as credit card bill payments, peer-to-peer money transfer, cell phone top-up and bus and train tickets purchases. Apart from the financial services, Alipay also renders features such as food order and vehicle for hire. 


Yandex is a Russian super app that provides users with transportation services, search and information services, navigation and much more. In 2009, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 replaced Google with Yandex as its default search engine for Russian-language in Russia.  

The onset of COVID 19 pandemic has moved people towards contactless payments and have also increased technological innovation. Now, people are more interested in apps that not only provide them with transportation facilities but also allow them to order food, shop online, pay bills, buy tickets and a lot more as it saves them time and costs. The change in demand is forcing app companies to transition their app and make them as convenient for the users as possible.