In-Store Design: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

If you are thinking of changing your in-store layout or are preparing to launch a small retail business, this article will be very useful. Such a critical aspect as in-store design requires a great deal of thought and with that in mind, here are a few design errors to avoid.

  1. Using multiple contractors – This is a very stressful way to fit your store out, whereas a commercial shop fitout by BTF Projects ensures that your store will be ready for the grand opening. The fit out company handles every aspect of the project, keeping you, the business owner, informed every step of the way and they always come inside budget requirements and the store will be ready on schedule. Imagine having to keep track of utilities, the carpenters, electricians and furniture arrivals! Avoid all of this by using a professional fit out company that has the resources to deliver the desired result.
  2. Overcrowding – It is tempting to keep adding things, yet there is a line and when crossed, the ambience changes and it is more like an assault on the senses. Keep things minimal and simplistic, making the best use of every square metre. Too many products can often be overwhelming, so bear this in mind.
  3. Not setting a firm budget – If you don’t have a firm budget in mind, things can quickly add up and before you know it, you are way over what you initially thought you would spend. When you approach a fit out contractor, you should already know what your budget is, as they will ask because they need to know what the boundaries are.
  4. Thinking short term – Durability is a must with retail fixtures and fittings and what might look great today, might be faded and in need of replacing in a year. Using a modular system allows you to change the layout several times over a few years, which demands quality fixtures and fittings. The fit out company would recommend materials that stand the test of time and their design team can get to work to create the perfect décor that won’t need replacing anytime soon. If you are planning another business launch, click here for tips.
  5. Narrow aisles – While every square inch of your retail space is valuable, don’t make the mistake of compromising aisle space; consider a shopper with a trolley or pram, are they able to navigate your store with ease? Avoid sharp corners and consider a seating area, where shoppers can take a few minutes to rest and aim for a balanced look to your interior with adequate space to move.

Once you hook up with the right fit out company, you are assured a smooth project from initial design to the final handover and inspection. It is important to use an approved contractor when fitting out retail space, a company that has extensive hands-on experience in creating winning in-store layouts for their clients.