The Top Ways To Protect Your Property & Your New Puppy In Australia.

If you have just welcomed a new puppy into your home then you are to be congratulated for making an excellent decision. Not only are you offering a home to a very grateful puppy but you are now changing your family’s lives for the better. You have many happy years ahead of you but also many responsible ones. Owning and taking care of a puppy needs to be taken seriously if you want it to remain healthy and happy.

One of the first things that owners experience with new puppies is that they like to chew on anything and everything. You don’t want your new pet chewing up your favourite pair of shoes or your best piece of furniture and so if you find that your pet is starting to chew on many things around your property then it might be time to buy cow hooves for your dogs here. This provides them with the perfect distraction that they can chew on all day long and they won’t do any harm to it. This is a very wise investment in your property and the following are some more.

  1. Always cover up your trash – Not only is your trash bin incredibly attractive to your puppy but it probably smells good as well. These are all very new smells to your puppy and so it will want to explore. You need to keep your trash covered and out of reach at all times because your new puppy can get up to all kinds of things like getting its head caught in a plastic bag.
  2. Keep electrical cables out of reach – This is a lot easier said than done and sometimes plugs are close to the ground and so it’s difficult to keep the puppy away. The good news is that you can actually buy covers for your cables or you can actually buy a spray that they don’t like and so it keeps them away.
  3. Keep your footwear out of reach – As was touched on briefly before, your puppy will chew through your favourite pair of work shoes or training shoes in a short space of time. Put these out of the way and there will be nothing to tempt them in the first place.

Do these 3 things and you can have trouble-free times with your new loving puppy in Australia.