How to Find Your Travel Blogging Niche

If you decide to become a travel blogger, the first thing you need to do is to choose a niche. Many newbies skip this step, though it is important for the future growth of your blog. If you aren’t striving for popularity, you can write about various topics. If you take blogging seriously, writing about everything you like won’t take you far.

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What is a niche?

A niche is the main focus of your blog. This is a specific topic you will write blog posts about. Whatever topics you choose, they should relate to each other. This means you can’t start writing about traveling and then jump to cooking. Although lots of bloggers neglect it, this strategy won’t lead to long-term success. If you want to attract readers, be more specific about your subject.

Why choose a niche?

Novice bloggers withdraw from choosing a specific niche. They consider themselves experts in different areas. They dislike being referred to as a particular type of blogger, so they create versatile content. The matter is when you devote attention to one sphere, you forfeit other spheres. According to the old saying: “If you stand for everything, you stand for nothing”

Another popular misconception lies in assuming that ‘traveling’ is a niche. ‘Traveling’ is a broad notion. Let’s face it, a travel blogger doesn’t provide clarity and doesn’t distinguish you from competitors. If you want to attract a target audience and become recognizable, you should narrow down your specialization. For example, instead of ‘tips on traveling, you can name your blog ‘tips on cheap traveling’ or ‘how to save up on commuting’. Sounds better, right?

A clear niche helps Google and other search engines promote your content. Blogs on random topics often struggle to get higher rankings in SERPs. Also, if you launch digital products in the future, like e-books or online courses, you will have a target audience interested in buying your product.

How to choose a niche?

It’s time to determine your exact niche. Before we continue, keep in mind topics shouldn’t be based solely on your interests. Consider public interests and topics your readers might find valuable. This implies you have a deeper knowledge of the subject, not just a shallow perception. People seek useful information. They aren’t willing to waste time on what they know.

Choose topics you want to write about

This activity seems easy, but once you try it, your mind becomes scattered. It is difficult to follow your thoughts when you’re overwhelmed with ideas. Close your eyes and think of topics you genuinely like. Let imagination control the process. Write your ideas while brainstorming. Write as many bullets as possible. Select 10 bullets that resonate with your passion most. Narrow down the list to 5 and those will be key focus points.

Define target audience

Your topic must have a target audience. Unless readers care about your blog, your texts will go unread. You won’t get traffic, or income nor will you be motivated to blog full-time. The best solution is to make up a complete picture of your reader. Ask what hobbies they have, what topics they find useful, etc. You can use SEO keyword tools to identify frequently googled topics and choose one of the given directions.

Determine your value

If you aren’t an expert on the topic, there must be a reason why people should listen to you and not thousands of bloggers out there. The best way to stand out is to bring unique content to the table. It should not be brand-new. If you choose a well-discussed topic for the blog, try to pose a different perspective on it.

What if you want to write on a specific topic, but you think it’s not new anymore? Simply write it down and then decide. Write and read blogs on your subject and communicate with your target audience. You will discover what makes you unique as you go through the process. You will form your vision and way of presenting the material. Express your individuality. You need to understand who your reader is and what problems you are helping them solve.


No matter how interesting your topic is, you wouldn’t be able to advance without a specific niche. Being obsessed with the subject isn’t enough. If you want your blog to become more than an online diary, you should make an effort. Knowing your niche is crucial to raise awareness of your blog, be it traveling or cooking. Don’t hesitate to rent a car. Check out available cars for rent to get the best deal for your perfect road trip.