DOs and DON’Ts for Your Trip to Spain

The Spaniards, like other nationalities, have their own peculiarities of mentality and unspoken rules of behavior. In addition, upon arrival in Spain, you need to know and comply with all the laws of this country in order to avoid fines, administrative penalties, or, God forbid, criminal penalties. As they say, ignorance of the law does not exempt one from responsibility. Our article will help you spend your vacation with maximum efficiency and without unpleasant surprises.

Summer clothes in the heat

Spaniards have long been accustomed to the heat, so they absolutely do not understand why tourists wear shorts and T-shirts at +30. Such a summer outfit will definitely cause confusion in the eyes of local residents. Therefore, it is better to give preference to jeans and a jumper. Furthermore, it will be very insulting if you are not allowed into a cathedral wearing shorts and a T-shirt after traveling all over the country by car from all-inclusive car hire Alicante airport. In this case, take clothes to cover your bare legs and arms.

Is it possible to export shells, jamon, wine, etc. from Spain?

The customs rules for the export of items from Spain are not very strict. It is forbidden to export weapons, ammunition, drugs, and antiques, as well as things of artistic or historical value. Goods for personal use can be exported almost without restrictions. However, there are limits for cigarettes (no more than 8 blocks) and alcoholic beverages (no more than 10 liters of strong alcohol and no more than 90 liters of wine). Without a declaration, you can only export currency worth up to €2,500. For an amount greater than €8,400, customs will require documents authorizing its export.

Traffic rules

It is impossible to ignore the rules of the road. For example, for crossing in the wrong place, you can get a fine of 80 euros, and for crossing the road at a red light, they can fine you 200 euros. An unusual prohibition is a pedestrian crossing a zebra crossing too slowly, and they also issue a fine for this. Speeding, talking on the phone while driving, not wearing a seat belt, and throwing garbage out of the car will also entail a fine. So you should also take that into consideration when considering some car hiring options.

Don’t give up your seat on public transportation

It may sound strange to some, but it’s true.If you give up your seat, then you will really offend the woman or girl you wanted to be nice to. It’s just that Spaniards thereby indicate that they are self-sufficient and have as many rights as men.You can easily avoid such awkward situations by considering some ways to hire a car Alicante.

Don’t become a victim of thieves

Millions of tourists visit Spain each year, attracting not only workers in the hospitality industry but also supporters of less legal methods of collecting money from tourists. Pickpockets, who have long been considered the “elite” of the local criminal world, are especially active. Professional pocket cleaners usually “work” in crowded places: in shops, at train stations, at tourist attractions, on public transport, on beaches, in catering establishments, and even in hotels. To minimize the risks, it is worth following a few simple recommendations:

  • Do not leave suitcases, handbags, or bags unattended. They can “attach legs” literally before your eyes.
  • Be careful in crowded places. Remember: criminals often work as a group, part of which distracts the attention of a potential victim.
  • Do not be fooled by the appearance of others. A well-dressed “businessman”, a young girl or boy of 10-15 years old may turn out to be a pickpocket.
  • Do not leave drinks unattended in bars. Malefactors can mix sleeping pills into a cocktail in order to further rob a careless tourist. Don’t turn out to be this careless tourist.
  • Do not carry documents with you. A copy is usually enough for presentation, but just in case, it does not hurt to make electronic copies by saving them on the Internet.
  • Do not take all the money. Limit yourself to a small amount sufficient for a one-time walk.

If theft could not be avoided and, moreover, documents were stolen, immediately contact the police. It may be possible to return the documents since thieves do not need them, and pickpockets usually throw them away if they accidentally take money and other valuables. If documents are stolen, you should also contact the consulate immediately.

Also take into account the fact that there are many roads in Spain without markings or road signs. In addition, many drivers, in order to show their impulsive temperament, are reckless on the roads. Also, don’t leave your keys in the car. Hijackings are quite rare, but nonetheless, it is better not to provoke potential criminals.


We hope that our tips will help you spend your vacation in Spain with maximum benefit. Have a good rest!