Thinking of Taking up Golf? What you Need to Know

In just about every country in the world, the game of golf is thriving, especially here in Thailand, where it has long been a favourite with the business world and if your line of business is likely to involve spending time with other businessmen, golf would come into play at some point. Make no mistake, golf is an addictive pastime; that feeling you get when you hit a sweet 3-wood that sends the ball soaring down the middle of the fairway is something you want to repeat, again and again.

Take lessons from a pro

The professional golfer isn’t always playing competitively; indeed, only the very best make it onto the PGA circuit and the majority of scratch professionals earn their living by giving lessons. It is very important to take lessons before you develop habits (everyone does) and the pro will make sure you have a good stance and your grip is correct. The lessons would be on the driving range, with the pro watching you hit balls with various clubs, coaching at the same time. You can hire the pro by the hour and we recommend one hour, followed by one hour hitting balls on your own, which gives you a chance to put that new knowledge into practice.

Buying clubs

Of course, try before you buy and you can get away with a half-set, which comprises of the following:

  • 1,3 wood (maybe also 5 wood)
  • 3,5,7,9 irons and a pitching and sand wedge
  • Putter

Search online and find a cheap golf cart for sale and invest in a good golf bag and you are good to go, plus you will need to kit yourself out in the right clothing. If you are right-handed, you will need to wear a leather golf glove on your left hand, which aids grip, which is necessary for long iron and wood shots; left-handed players wear the glove on their right hand. Sunglasses and a peak cap are advised and when playing with others, there will be a dress code at the club, while practicing at the driving range means anything goes.

Green fees

As a guest, you can visit most golf clubs and play 9-18 holes for a fixed fee. This gets expensive when you play often and the best solution is to choose a local golf club and become a member, which involves a yearly subscription. It can be quite expensive, depending on the club, some are very exclusive and membership changes hands for a lot of money! You should play a course a few times and see what you think of the amenities before making a commitment and there are many golf clubs in and around Bangkok. Pattaya is a very popular place to buy real estate and there are some great golf clubs in the area.

The covid situation is such that you should check online before making any travel plans and we hope that your golfing journey is a long and rewarding one.