The YSL Black Opium For Women Who Love Luxury, Exotic, and Timeless Perfume

what is ysl black opium dossier

Are you trying to determine the most beneficial perfume to wear all day long to maintain your odor fresh? A product like YSL Black Opium may be a fantastic option for you if this is the situation, you appreciate fragrance, and you want to try something new! Because it is a distinctively American scent that is fresh, everyone might gain from it.

This article will discuss YSL perfume, which can leave your body smelling appealing and delightful. Let’s examine the YSL Black Opium Dossier. Co to see whether it’s worthwhile in detail below.

What is all the fuss about the ysl black opium

The YSL fragrance black opium is one of’s top-selling perfumes for ladies. The French brand YSL, commonly known as Yves Saint Laurent, produces both men’s and women’s luxury goods.

Fashion industry knowledge has been a hallmark of YSL’s marketing since 1961. A typical collection consists of fashion-forward clothing, jewelry, shoes, and leather products.

In addition to being a top cologne for women, the Black Opium from has a very sophisticated black expression that is exceptionally streamlined and refined. With a logo in the middle, the bottle is square or rectangular.

Further, its floral and warm scent polishes the spirit of an independent woman. A Black Opium Dossier might be just what you’ve been looking for. We recommend wearing it to a night party. As it also exudes an urban and youthful feel to it.

Ownership of the company ysl black opium

The CEO of the company is Sergio Tache, and the head of logistics and product development is Ines Guien. Dossier. Co was founded in 2018, and in April 2019, it opened an online store. This company sold thousands of perfume bottles within a few months of launching its eCommerce website.

Where does black opium make the perfumes?

The dossier is a brand of inexpensive perfume that has the potential to upend the cosmetics business. Their scents are created in Grasse, France, employing only the best natural ingredients to create pure compositions that smell amazing.

What are the chief accords of the black opium dossier?

chief accords of the black opium dossier

There are several agreements to enjoy on Black Opium Dossier. Co and other websites. According to, vanilla is one of the most prominent. Known for its creamy, sweet, and warm properties, vanilla essence enhances femininity perfectly.

The coffee agreement comes next. It is bitter, delicious, and black all at once as if on cue. Additional accords in YSL perfume Dossier. Co includes flavors like spices, flowery scents, woody smells, powdery scents, and fruity scents.

How does black opium describe its top, middle, and bottom notes?

This female YSL fragrance shows off its superior quality by classifying the fragrance into several notes. Within minutes of application, you will detect orange flowers, pears, and pink pepper in the top notes. As a fruit combination, this is perfect.

A distinctive fragrance for women,’s YSL perfume has elements of licorice, bitter almond, coffee, and jasmine in the middle note. They are all slightly bitter floral essences.

A vanilla scent, cedarwood, patchouli, and cashmere wood base notes also make up the base notes of the Black Opium fragrance from Hence, the scent is predominantly woody and warm.

A few variants of ysl black opium are available

variants of ysl black opium dossier

YSL black opium’s top notes may be softer and more ethereal than other perfumes. Middle notes, however, can evoke the heart’s aroma. To keep the body’s fluid levels steady is its fundamental objective. On the other side, the foundation tones provide a soothing and refreshing scent.


The enticing amber vanilla notes follow the exotically fragrant orange blossom and jasmine notes that immediately follow in the opening of this lovely and delicate perfume. This classic women’s fragrance is seductive, addictive, and refined.


For those who like musk, Black Opium is richer, more addictive, and more seductive than ever. The new incredible formula may also find the original sensual heart and catalog base Cetalox, a sophisticated synthetic molecule that sets this mixture apart in its class. The lingering scent encourages a fiercer development on the skin with hints of incense and white flowers and a seductive trail.


This organic substance is created from agarwood (Oud). The Middle East is where the oud is most commonly used, providing entrancingly rich, warm, spicy, leathery, and woody scents.

What perfumes are available that are influenced by YSL’s black opium dossier?

Any online retail platform can show the lack or unavailability of a specific product. You can locate high-quality substitutes if Black Opium perfume is unavoidably unavailable for purchase.

There is a perfume called Ambery Vanilla that contains somewhat comparable notes. For instance, orange blossom, vanilla, black coffee, and jasmine. In addition, there is Floriental Vanilla Candle, which was motivated by the famous YSL fragrance right now.

Additionally, it smells of vanilla and coffee. The combination of minty licorice and earthy patchouli is ideal for enhancing a seductive personality.

What makes ysl black opium so well known?

What makes ysl black opium dossier

The multiple uses of Ysl black Opium make it very popular. Its warm, sensual scent makes it ideal for casual wear as well as formal occasions, such as dinner with friends or going to the movies.

It is exceptionally well suited for early evening dates and romantic nights out. Everyone who tries it will be pleased by its modern, delicious aroma, which is made up of exotic chickpea flowers and feminine musk overtones.

An overview of YSL’s black collection

YSL Black Opium Eau De Parfum (Spray)

The YSL opium EDP is a global best-seller. The center of the YSL Eau de perfume has a black glass aspect, giving it a very intensely dark impression. It draws attention for its appearance and the distinctive coffee note that describes its aroma. Its perfume is incredibly warm, rich, and powerful, resembling a sophisticated coffee with a cherry accent and a sweet vanilla creaminess on the skin.

The perfume is available in three sizes: 30 ml, 50 ml, and 90 ml, and it has a very long skin-lasting effect for its low cost.

A floral shock of YSL Black Opium

Compared to the original black opium in the flanker-shaped bottle with the circle in the center, the black opium floral shock looks almost identical.

People would notice you if you were wearing this smell. It is a fantastic option for older age groups who like a little less warming essence. The fragrance effect lasts for four to six hours. There is an approximate cost of $90 for it. The best time to wear this perfume is during the spring and summer.

Neon version of YSL Black Opium

Its pricing ranges from $105 for 30ml to $190 for 75ml. It is appropriate for wearing at night since it amplifies you at the speed of light and lasts all night, electrifying the darkness. The neon version fills the room with a nightlong, dazzling aroma that combines the distinctive coffee essence with a rarely utilized dragon fruit twist.

Black Opium Illicit Green by YSL

A brand-new fragrance from YSL called Black Opium Illicit Green was introduced in 2022. It offers a juiciness and creaminess mix that is reminiscent of a mocktail. The YSL perfumes leave you feeling as energizing, clean, and lively as always.

It is ideal for wearing both during the day and at night in the winter, fall, and spring. It costs between $75 for 30ml and $115 for 75ml of volume.