Fashion With the Best Watches

Keeper of time and essential fashion accessory, the women’s watch has found its place as both a jewel and a functional object to wear on all occasions. The range of women’s watches offered in the trade is so varied that it is often difficult to choose the model that will undoubtedly please him.

Choose A Watch Suitable For Your Wrist

The size of the wrist determines the size of the watch to offer. If her wrist is wide (more than 18 cm around the wrist), prefer a woman’s watch with a dial between 4.2 and 4.5 cm and a wide strap as available. A watch that is too thin will make the arm appear larger than it is. However, it is not recommended to choose a dial larger than 4 cm in diameter. For a woman with a thin wrist that is to say less than 15.5 cm it is preferable to choose from models with a thin strap, with a dial measuring less than 4 cm. The larger the watch and the smaller the wrist, the more it will tend to move and get in the way of the arm.

Matt Or Clear? The Importance Of Skin Color In Finding The Right Watch For You

The skin tone also plays a role in the choice of the watch. For a woman with dark or dark skin, you can choose from a selection of women’s watches in yellow or rose gold as well as silver, with rhinestones and bracelets in bright or even flashy colors. In general, on this type of skin, dark-colored watches are avoided. Gold or silver watches look good on a fair-skinned woman, as do dark-colored bracelets. Bracelets that are too light, such as beige or white, should be avoided.

A Mechanical, Automatic Or Quartz Movement?

The choice of mechanism is essential when buying a beautiful watch for women. There are mainly three types of mechanisms:

Electronic (quartz) watches, the most common on the market, use a battery. These watches revolutionized the world of watchmaking in the 1970s. They are considered to be more practical, more reliable, less expensive and require less maintenance. They only need a battery change to keep working.

  • Automatic watches, the more expensive, operate by wrist movements alone and do not need to be wound. They are, however, less precise than quartz watches.
  • We can also mention the mechanical movement watches with a complex cog and meticulous design. They are appreciated for their traditional side and the know-how that surrounds them. These traditional watches of excellent craftsmanship are of interest above all to lovers of beautiful watches and even collectors.

A Watch For What Use And What Style Of Woman?

It may happen that a woman has only one watch. If this is the case, choose a beautiful watch for women among classic, neutral and resistant models that can be worn on all occasions (at the office, in society or as part of a sporting activity). Choosing a stainless steel bracelet should be fine. The ideal for a woman would be to own a collection of watches! In practice, two or three models well chosen from a selection of women’s watches can cover all the needs of the person.