The Top-rated Parental Control For Parents

Smart networking and highly responsive internet services have enabled us to solve many problems in our lives. FamiSafe Parental Control App is one of the best gifts of modern technology to parents for ensuring safe boundaries for their children. This widely acknowledged app gives access to the live location of the child and provides insights into the location history of the child to the parents. This location tracking app aids parents to highly secure the locations visited by the child and helps them in getting an exact idea about the location of the child. The parents get correct information about the places mostly visited by the child and thus can check as per the security merits of those places.

It is easily accessible on Android, iOS, and windows (windows parental controls APK). It saves the time and energy of parents by enabling them all insights into their child’s locations throughout the day, without disturbing their busy schedules and other responsibilities.

The main features of this app are: –

1.Real-Time Location-The most advanced tool for tracking ensures the safety of the child by providing their real-time location insights to the parents, thus lessening their anxiety.

2.Location History-The best advantage of this app over other competitive tracking apps is to provide weeks older location history of the child. The parents can scroll over the past locations, mostly visited by their child, and can filter the locations as safe or unsafe, which can further prohibit the child from entering the unsafe locations.

3.Battery Percentage Check-The parents can also check the real-time battery percentage of their children’s phones and can remind the child about charging their phone on time. This property checks the uncertain anxieties of parents, in case the phone gets switched off due to ignorance of the child.

4.Geofencing –It is another best feature provided by this app to create the virtual boundaries on the geographical maps on the device. If the child enters a particular location marked by the parents, the parents would get an instant notification. These virtual limits automatically bound the child from entering the locations marked as unsafe by the parents.

Steps to sign in to the app: –

Step 1.DOWNLOADHERE Google Play Store, Apple, or Amazon Store.

Step 2. Install the application on both your as well as your child’s device.

Step 3. Now set the identity of yourself as a parent, father, mother, or guardian in your device and as a kid in your kid’s device.

Step 4. Give the permissions asked on your screen of location tracking etc and then confidently rely on the app to get all insights about your child’s locations all along with his schedules.

Subscription plan

Keeping in view the reach of maximum parents, there are three types of subscriptions as per the monthly, quarterly, or annual plans that best suit the parents.

  • A free trial for 3 days gives accessibility to the new users to learn and know about the features and location insights of the child.
  • The charges of the monthly plan are $9.99, under which parents can connect the main device with up to 5 devices to track real-time locations.
  • The quarterly subscription charges are $19.99 only and are to be paid quarterly. The average costing per month is around $6.66, thus it is cheaper than the monthly plan and it gives the right to connect 10 devices with the main device and access their location tracking.
  • The charges of the annual or yearly plan are $59.99, an average of $4.99 per month. It gives access to connect 10 devices with the main device.

Awards Won by FamiSafe Parental Control App

Due to its best and smart tools to track the real-time locations and location history of the child, this app has achieved success in winning the confidence of the parents to ensure the safety of their child and stay away from all anxieties about the insecurities of their child. Hence, this app has been awarded as honoring excellence by mom’s choice award. It has also won the 2020 national parenting product award and has got the seal of approval from the national parenting center.


This app is the best gift of smart technology to parents who are always anxious about the safety of their children. It is difficult to spy on the locations visited by the child without this smart tool at present time. The geofencing feature is helping parents to categorize the locations as safe or unsafe and gives real-time notifications to parents if, for instance, the child enters any marked location. It keeps unwanted persons at a distance from the child and with the help of this app, parents can confirm the locations where the child must and must not visit. The parents can rely on this app for ensuring the safety of the child and can keep an active eye over them in all their schedules.