The Indispensable Skills of the Auto Locksmith

auto locksmith in London

If for some reason you cannot get into your vehicle, an auto locksmith’s job is to ensure that this problem is resolved as quickly as possible. However, auto locksmiths do a lot more than just unlock locked cars. They can also cut new keys, remove broken keys which are stuck in locks, or replace an entire locking system in your car door, and even an entire ignition system. 

What Does an Auto Locksmith Do?

An auto locksmith in London, or anywhere else for that matter, specialises in securing vehicles, and ensuring that car key replacement, key removal, and car key cutting, are carried out efficiently and professionally. Modern mobile services also mean that auto locksmiths are available if you are stranded and locked out of your vehicle for some reason. 

Unlocking Your Car.

There are several strategies a locksmith can use to unlock vehicles. The most common method is jimmying the car lock. This involves sliding a slim piece of material like a credit card through the gap between the window and the weather strip on a car door to release the lock. However, with modern cars this is impossible as they have advanced security systems that operate without keys, using coded keyless remotes which a locksmith must reprogram to regain access to the car. 

Removing Broken Keys.

Car keys can sometimes snap off in a lock making it impossible to start the vehicle. An auto locksmith can remove the lock safely without causing damage. When a key breaks in a lock, the thin side of the key is exposed. Auto locksmiths use key extraction tools to remove the broken key. These tools consist of a small piece of metal with two hooks that can engage with a key. 

Car Key Replacement.

There are two types of car keys. The first type is unattached to an electrical piece or a fob and is relatively easy to make. The second type is attached to a fob and are known as transponder keys. These often contain chips that are uniquely programmed for a specific vehicle. The engine only starts when the ignition reads the code embedded in the chip. A skilled locksmith can reprogram a transponder key or make a new programmed key to access a vehicle. In modern vehicles, transponder keys and keyless ignition fobs are increasingly the norm. So, it is wise to have a locksmith service that you know you can count on for any emergency.