Is It Necessary To Provide Shade Over A Swimming Pool?

Swimming pools can be a great investment for both residential and commercial buildings. They not only add to the aesthetics of your property but also increase its value. Pools also give you a perfect spot for family amusement in the evening. In fact, by installing pool shade systems, you can enjoy a refreshing dip any time of the day. While it is not necessary to have shades installed over your swimming pool, shade systems are worth installing, considering the benefits they can offer.

Here is why you should invest in pool shades for your existing or new swimming pool.

1. UV Protection Throughout The Day

Though it’s perfectly fine to have limited sun exposure, exposure to direct sunlight for a good part of the day can be dangerous. Unprotected sun exposure can result in severe sunburns and cause various skin issues if you have sensitive skin. Fortunately, when pool shades are installed over your swimming pool, extended periods of sun exposure should not be a concern. They can be a perfect way to protect you from the damaging UV rays as you swim mid-day.

2. Cooler Pool Water With Reduced Effect of Heat

Pool water gets too hot to swim in on hot summer days due to extreme heat. With pool shades covering your pool, the effect of heat is reduced, and the water remains cooler, allowing you to swim all day long. In fact, the shades can keep the surrounding area cooler too, and help ensure maximum fun in and out of the pool.

3. Reduced Maintenance Costs

Yes, when it comes to maintenance, pool shade systems can be your savior. They help prevent algae growth and also ensure that the chlorine content is not reduced in the water due to direct sun exposure. Besides, leaves from the surrounding trees and other contaminants don’t fall into the pool to deteriorate water quality. As a result, you save considerably on your maintenance costs.

4. Improved Aesthetic Appeal

The installation of pool shades can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. The pools with shade structures installed on top look more attractive and complete. It’s surprising how a simple shade transforms the entire appearance of your pool and backyard.

5. Better Privacy

The installation of pool shades can offer better privacy, and everyone can swim at any time of the day without worrying about the neighbors viewing them from their terrace. The shades effectively block the view of your pool from the surrounding buildings and make sure that nobody intrudes on your family time at the pool.

Installing pool shades may not be necessary, but it’s certainly a great step. Pool shades keep your pool clean and cool, protect against harmful UV rays, and ensure better privacy. Install pool shades over your swimming pool and add to the beauty of your backyard. is a reliable name for installing quality swimming pool shades. Check out their collection of shade systems for swimming pools and pick one for yourself now!