How Will You Choose a Cloud Legal Software for Your Firm?

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The use of law practice management software enables streamlining of day-to-day operations of a firm to save time and help focus on serving the clients better. With such efficient cloud legal software, you can have automatic updates, access anywhere and anytime, locate clients’ documents and notes, and various other benefits. You can also remain assured of the security of your law firm’s data and its storage that is only accessible to your business. 

The choice of software should be based on the issues you are facing. For example, if you spend a considerable amount of time billing, you may want automation to expedite the process. If you are having issues with entering a billable time, you need a program to offer you the flexibility to do it at the time of your convenience. 

Hence, choosing the right software can be a vital consideration for your firm, and you must be aware of various factors to make a choice. Below are the details.

Integration of systems

Accounting and billing are crucial to any law firm, and it is ideal if the cloud legal software you choose has integrated accounting and billing systems. The combination of the system eliminates the chances of input errors and double data entries. Various accounting programs integrate into practice management programs, so you must check the information passed between them. You must also look at specific legal features to ensure that you adhere to compliance and accounting requirements.


You must evaluate the ease of use of the software you choose. So, take into consideration the daily tasks that need to be completed alongside case management. These may include logging time, adding research information and notes to cases, finding specific information related to a case, adding new contacts, or opening new cases and billing clients. With the right software, you can remain organised and complete administrative tasks efficiently.


The security and confidentiality of the client information are paramount for any law firm. So, do your due diligence to assess if the software solution you opt for is secure. Simple economies of scale have made cloud legal software more secure than traditional solutions. To be sure about the choice of your software, you may inquire if the data is encrypted, if there are multiple servers for information backup, if data can be exported from your system or if the data is at rest or stored in transit.     

Mobile access

Almost all people rely on mobile phones in this digital age. So, mobile access will offer you flexibility and easy accessibility to check on the practice. It would be ideal if you could ask for a demonstration of the mobile version when you are selecting the software. You should be aware that not all mobile applications are created equal. Some apps can be extremely simple to use, and you can complete daily tasks by just signing in from the mobile.   


You need to look at the support provided by the software companies in case you run into an issue and require intervention to ensure a smooth workflow. So, you must have a clear idea about support hours, support method, payment for support, and the average waiting time. An efficient support department can make a lot of difference to your experience of using the software.

The choice of a software solution can increase the efficiency and profitability of your business. So, take time and evaluate the above factors to ensure it positively impacts your firm in the long run.