Styling Men’s Flannel Shirts

Men’s flannel shirts are synonymous with a casual and cool look. The garment may be simple but it’s something that every man should own. Flannel has been making a comeback and it’s regularly spotted across the globe.

Check or Plain Flannel

Flannel shirts can be found in check prints but you may also be able to find them in plain options. Whether you pick a check or plain style will depend on when and how you wear it. Check flannel shirts have a more relaxed and casual feel, while plain ones create a more polished, sharper appearance. You should pick one based on the look you are trying to get. If you do choose check flannel then be sure to balance the outfit, especially if you choose a bold print.

 When to Wear a Flannel Shirt

While men’s flannel shirts are more casual, they can also be dressed up for a smart look, depending on what you wear with it. While it’s great for a weekend look, there are also other occasions when it’s okay to wear one. Events such as a dinner or date can also be a good time to wear one. When it comes to a formal occasion, however, you should leave the flannel at home and choose a dress shirt.

When wearing a flannel shirt in a casual manner, it’s still important to get it right. Just because you are going for a casual look doesn’t mean you should just wear it with anything. For example, if you pair your flannel shirt with a pair of sweatpants, it’s going to look sloppy. Stick to jeans. Any color can work but if you choose black jeans then you can have an edgier look. Sneakers or lace up boots work best for footwear choices. You can also layer a flannel shirt over a T-shirt to give you options in warmer weather.

If you are going for a smart casual look then choose the right style of flannel. Avoid colors that are too loud and make sure your flannel fits properly and it’s too baggy. Wear it tucked in with dark jeans or chinos and add a bit. You can also add a bomber jacket or wool coat. For shoes, pair your smart casual look with loafers.

Best Colors

Flannel shirts come in many different colors and color combinations. There are plenty that you can have in your closet rotation. Black, red, white, green, brown, and grey are all great colors to choose for flannel. Red is one of the most popular colors but you will likely only find it in a check version. Choose ones that feature black or have a less vibrant tone so it doesn’t end up looking like a pajama shirt. Green flannels can often be associated with a country look but brown boots and jeans can help you complete the look without it going too far.