Reasons to Hire a Virtual Event Company in Singapore

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual and hybrid events around the world. While in-person events were halted, organizations quickly pivoted to online platforms to continue engaging with their audiences. This led to the rise of virtual event companies that specialize in planning and executing digital experiences.

In Singapore, there are many virtual event companies that offer end-to-end solutions for virtual conferences, product launches, townhalls, workshops, and more. Hiring a virtual event company provides numerous benefits over trying to manage everything in-house. In this article, we’ll explore what virtual event companies do, the advantages of working with one, and reasons to outsource instead of hiring an internal team.

What Virtual Event Companies Do

Virtual event companies handle all the planning, coordination, production, and execution required to create interactive digital experiences. Their services typically include:

– Strategic Planning – The company will consult with you to determine event goals, target audience, content, schedule, platform, and technologies.

– Logistics Management – They coordinate event registration, speaker and attendee communications, run-of-show, and post-event follow-ups.

– Technology Expertise – They select and manage the virtual platform, tools, and technical requirements for seamless delivery.

– Design Services – From graphics to stage sets, they develop visually engaging, on-brand digital environments.

– Production Services – On the event days, their team manages live video production, speaker coordination, Q&As, and troubleshooting.

– Engagement Services – They drive participation through gamification, polls, live chat, and audience interaction tools.

– Data & Analytics – They track registration, attendance, engagement metrics, and post-event reporting.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Event Company

Here are some of the main benefits of partnering with a virtual event management company:

Save Time and Resources

Planning a successful virtual event requires significant time, effort, and specific expertise. Hiring a specialist provider allows you to offload the workload so your internal team can focus on core operations.

Gain Technical Experience

A virtual event company brings extensive experience with digital platforms, production tools, engagement features, and troubleshooting capabilities. They know how to create immersive online environments.

Increase Audience Reach

Unlike in-person events with geographical restrictions, virtual events allow you to attract a global audience. An experienced company will help market your event and draw more attendees.

Improve Engagement

Through creative programming, interactive elements, networking lounges, and gamification, a virtual event company can deliver experiences that drive higher audience engagement.

Enhance Brand Image

A seamless, well-produced virtual event shows commitment to innovation and technology. It presents a tech-savvy, contemporary image to customers and prospects.

Gain Data Insights

With virtual events taking place on digital platforms, it’s easier to capture attendee data and analyze participation. This provides valuable insights for enhancing future events.

Avoid Technical Difficulties

Glitches like poor audio, video dropouts, and platform crashes ruin virtual events. An expert company has robust contingency plans to prevent disruptions and fix issues swiftly.

Provide Hybrid Event Support

As in-person events return, many organizations are opting for hybrid formats. A virtual event company can seamlessly integrate digital and live event components.

Reasons to Outsource Over Hiring In-House

While some large enterprises have in-house teams to manage virtual events, for many businesses it makes sense to outsource to an agency. Reasons to outsource include:

– Eliminates need to hire, train and manage permanent staff

– Flexibility to scale events up or down based on needs

– Gain expertise from a team that specializes in virtual events

– Company focuses time, resources, and staff on core operations

– No need to purchase event software licenses and production equipment

– Agency brings experience across different industries and clients

– Pay only for the services needed, avoid overhead of salaries and benefits

– Agency incentivized to deliver optimal event experience and ROI


The virtual event industry in Singapore has seen tremendous growth, with many skilled companies offering specialized services. By outsourcing virtual event execution, organizations can elevate their digital experiences while freeing up internal resources. Partnering with an experienced virtual event company provides strategic value through their expertise, technical capabilities, and extensive resources. For businesses looking to engage and support customers across digital channels, virtual events are here to stay.