Connecticut workplace discrimination: Selecting an employment law attorney

Were you recently fired from your job in Connecticut because you reported misdoings of your supervisor? Did you suffer discrimination because of your age, gender, or race? Were you sexually harassed by a colleague? These are serious circumstances where you need legal counsel to make the next move. With a capable Connecticut employment law attorney, you can explore all options and get appropriate justice. Numerous law firms have services for employees and employers, and if you are confused about selecting one, here are some quick tips.  

Look for expertise and employee-only profiles

You won’t hire a cardiac surgeon for brain surgery. The same is true for employment discrimination lawsuits. You don’t need another attorney, but someone specializing in employment law. Also, it is relevant to see if the lawyer works for just employees or also takes cases on behalf of employers. There could be a conflict of interest in many situations, and it is better to find a team that fights for employees.

Check online ratings

What are others saying about an employment lawyer? While references from the law firm are useful for crosschecking credentials, it is best to look at online reviews, which are posted by older clients on social media and independent legal sites. Google can also show reviews of top-rated lawyers, and you can evaluate if the negative ratings are related to similar complaints.

Schedule a consultation

You have to meet an employment lawyer to know whether they are the right fit for your case. The first meeting is all about knowing the lawsuit and whether you have enough evidence and information to proceed. A competent lawyer will also take time to answer your specific questions and educate you on relevant aspects, including state and federal laws that prohibit discrimination.

Consider the fee structure

Most employment lawyers work at an hourly rate, and depending on the case details, they may also want a retainer fee. If there is a financial element involved, where the client may recover compensation, lawyers also work on a hybrid arrangement, which includes an hourly rate and a contingency fee. Make sure there is clarity on the payments so that you can choose someone you can afford.

Finally, evaluate their approach. The eventual goal of an employment lawyer is to get you justice, and if that requires having an aggressive attitude, they should have that. Always explore all options before you decide on a strategy.