Not sure if online mediclaim policy is the way to go? Read this

The mediclaim policy is the type of health insurance policy in which the insurance company will be reimbursing the expenses incurred by the insured for treatment of their medical conditions. If the individuals have purchased the mediclaim policy then they can request the reimbursement by submitting the bills to the company and on the other hand, if they have opted for cashless treatment options then there will be no need of paying the bills. The company will directly settle the bill with the hospital. To get the cashless facility the individuals also need to take the treatment from one of the network hospitals of the insurer only.

 Following are the most important features provided by the online mediclaim policy in India:

  1. People can avail the cashless facility at the network hospitals because they have tie-ups with the insurance companies.
  2. The mediclaim will be easily available for both individual as well as families
  3. It will provide the people with several kinds of tax-related advantages on the annual premium.
  4. Purchasing the mediclaim policy is the best possible way of getting the financial assistance in the need of the hour.

 Following are the most commonly available types of mediclaim policies:

  1. The individual policy: In this particular policy everything will be for a single person who has been designated as the insured and he or she can avail of all the benefits listed under the policy.
  2. Family floater policy: In this policy, the coverage will be given to the one individual who can further extend this to the entire family.
  3. Senior citizen policy: This policy has been specifically designed for people who are more than 60 years of age and will cover the hospitalisation expenses of the senior citizens into that group.
  4. Critical illness Mediclaim: Whenever the individuals are battling life-threatening diseases like cancer, failure of kidneys and heart-related problems then the hospital expenditures can quickly deplete the savings which is the main reason that having a critical illness mediclaim is important because it will be paying the lumpsum amount on the diagnose of the disease.
  5. Personal accident policy: If any of the individuals suffer from accidental death or permanent total disability or partial disability then this particular policy will come forward to protect the policyholder and the nominees.
  6. Mos-bite protection policy: This particular policy has been specifically available to pay the lumpsum amount to the people if they have been diagnosed with any of the vector-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, malaria or any other problem.

 Following are the reasons to purchase mediclaim policies online:

  1. The online purchase of mediclaim policies will help in providing people with paperless processing. After all, there will be no need of reading and filling up the documents manually because everything can be done online. This particular process is extremely convenient and will allow the buyers to download forms and easily upload several kinds of documents.
  2. The online purchasing process also comes with the complete option of reviewing different kinds of policies because the only mediclaim policies come with the benefit of not physically visiting the office of the insurance company. It will also help in saving a lot of time and effort in the whole process because people will be having a clear picture of insurance products from the comfort of their home place. The online medium will also help in empowering the policy buyers to understand more about the policy and claim settlement of the company.
  3. This option is very much convenient for the experienced buyers because they have a basic idea about the whole process and further they will be making the right kind of decisions about the policy purchasing associated with the mediclaim policy. Furthermore going with the option of a mediclaim insurance policy online also comes with the advantage of tracking the claim status because it will be a matter of few clicks.
  4. The mediclaim policy also comes with several kinds of affordable options on online systems which is the main reason that people can avail several kinds of advantages by purchasing it through online platforms which will further help in making sure that larger some will be easily assured and they will be getting the most affordable options without any kind of hassle.
  5. The online purchasing of mediclaim policies is also very much time saving as well as faster because it will take minimum efforts and the best benefit is that it can be done through the comfort of home place very easily.

 Hence, all the individuals who are interested to purchase the mediclaim policy must go with the option of purchasing it from the house of Care insurance because the company comes with top-notch quality products along with various other kinds of benefits for all the policyholders and helps in making sure that there will be hassle-free claim settlement all the time.