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6 Tips on Setting Up an Excellent Home Office

Due to the novel Coronavirus pandemic, people have set up their workstations at home. It is the beginning of remote work culture for everyone. Nowadays, many companies are adopting this work culture since it is flexible for the employees. But to inspire productivity, you will require setting up a work-friendly space at home. And when you are pleased with your surroundings, you will be happy to work and be more productive. You will require the best home office furniture and some tips to set up an excellent home office. So, here we go!

Selecting the Right Furniture

The first and foremost essential tip is to choose the right home office furniture. You can choose a desk wide enough for you to install your computer and some other items that you need for your work like your reference materials, pen stand, and so on. The desk should be a minimum of 120 centimetres wide. In case you have a laptop, your desk should be 150 centimetres wide or more extensive. Your desk should not be too high; a range of 70 to 75 centimetres is perfect. Invest in a quality chair, perhaps an ergonomic chair, for your posture support.

Storage and Shelving

Sometimes, one often tends to neglect storage in the home office. And this can decrease your productivity. Please include cupboards, shelves and filing cabinets for your storage requirements. When you add materials such as manuals, catalogues or reference books on your nearby shelf, cabinet and cupboard to store, arrange it so that you can make the priority materials more accessible to you. 

Natural Light and a View

The natural light and view keeps your mind fresh at all times and ensures you get creative. If possible, it is best to choose a location accordingly and position your desk towards the window. You can also select a place where your computer or laptop screen will not be affected. To elevate natural light, make sure you include mirrors, and your walls must be that of a light colour. For good general lighting, you can add an overhead ceiling light and a pair of open-top floor lamps at the corners of the room.


With all the materials and furniture included, see to it that there is enough space for you to work comfortably. You should be able to move, stand and sit back with ease. According to professional designers, a home office layout must permit at least 150 centimetres in width and 210 centimetres in depth.

Taming Your Technology

You can’t have wires hanging around your desk; this will make your home office look like a mess. You need to control your technology, and you can easily do so with a few simple steps: You can opt for a wireless router, a wireless printer and a wireless mouse. You can gather loose wires with a cord tamer. You can add a grommet to your desktop, and you can also attach any visible cables to the underside of the desk.


Your perfect home office can be any room; it can be the kitchen or even the quiet corner of the room. But, how will you select? Just think about where and when you work. The room close to the kitchen will be feasible for busy moms. And for professionals, you can find a space that avoids all sorts of distraction while you work.