List of Job Offers for Home Accounting Services 

Have you ever wondered about working as an accountant from home? Rest assured that Elite Home Accounting Services would be your best bet for handling all kinds of accounting jobs. If you were looking for an accounting job or wondering about working from home, rest assured that an accountant could work from home. There have been numerous jobs for accountants inclusive of a bookkeeper, auditor, controller, financial analyst, CFO, and manager. Accountants could work for small and large companies as a contractor or employer. They could also start their accounting firms. 

Let us delve into the number of jobs you would come across when working as an accountant from home. The list is not exhaustive but would cater to you with an idea about the available jobs. 

  • CPA 

A CPA would run an accounting firm. He would prepare the business and individual taxes for the clients. However, it would be important for the accountant to have a decent understanding of various legal entities. He should also be conversant with the advantages and disadvantages of every legal entity. A good CPA would offer relevant advice on structuring your business for minimizing the payable taxes. 

  • Bookkeeper 

A bookkeeper would be required to handle uncomplicated ledgers in several family enterprises. A decent and hard-working high school graduate can handle the job from family members. You may also be required to process the payroll along with paying and sending the bills. 

  • Forensic accountant 

Courts and companies hire the services of a forensic accountant when they expect a lawsuit. It would entail an investigation of the financial records of the company. It would also be inclusive of tax fraud, payroll fraud, or some kind of difference in records. The accountant should work flawlessly to make it admissible in court. The accountant would testify about the findings in court. 

  • Financial auditor 

As a financial auditor, the accountant would analyze financial records to ensure their accuracy. The accountant would note any visible difference along with searching for unusual patterns. An auditor could uncover fraud on taxed owned, income claimed, or business income reported to investors or partners. 

  • CFO 

The Chief Financial Officer prepares and presents reports on the historical financial data of the company. It would provide the potential investors or company management with a look at how the business has fared over time. The CFO would take care of the assets of the company and decide when and how to invest. Moreover, the CFO would decide whether to use equity or take debt.