Libertex Summary For 2021

For all those who are interested in trading and finance, finding the right broker is very essential. Libertex, from Indication Investments Ltd., is an investment and trading software that offers great broker services. It features a powerful web platform for current trading, which is one of its powerful and most distinguished features. 

Other than that, Libertex is a platform that offers you a great interface, information-based content, with high-quality performance, aided by the most advanced technology. Putting all these together, using Libertex becomes a breeze. 

To top it all, the founders of Libertex have been active in this field for over twenty years, and through their services, they have proven themselves as honest and truthful brokers. Given that, Libertex broker has won more than thirty national and international awards, of which the ‘Best Trading Platform’ by Forex Awards is one.  

To understand why Libertex is preferred, let us take a look into the benefits that it offers:

  • Quick registration and access to account
  • It provides you a user-friendly interface that works on any device (laptop, PC, tablet, etc.). This implies you can take part in online trading from anywhere. 
  • Instead of spreads, you pay a fixed commission of 0.03%
  • Libertex is a hub of trading instruments where you can find all the popular types in one place
  • Libertex brings down the risk of trading by allowing you to trade the investment amount only, and not your complete funds

As for the shortcomings, Libertex has very few:

  • You may choose from only two accounts — Demo and Classic
  • The support team at Libertex may take a while to address your issue
  • Libertex does not allow traders to take advice from any advisors

All in all, Libertex broker is an excellent broker to rely on, not only for trading but also for investments. With its high-end equipment, it is perfect for traders and financiers who are interested in finance as well as technology. Libertex also offers great turnkey solutions that may interest a vast range of traders, so you can check them out as well.