How To Track What Goes in and out of Your Factory

Technological advancements have changed the manufacturing process, making it more efficient and productive. The arrival of Industry 4.0 has integrated robots, cognitive automation, and other advanced technologies in manufacturing processes. Manufacturing software helps manufacturers plan and execute projects from beginning to end, provides the automation of materials planning, and manages the product life cycle. Take a look at how manufacturers can track what goes in and out of their factories using the latest manufacturing technologies.

Inventory Management Tools

Within supply chain management is inventory management, the process of ensuring the right products are available in the right quantity for sale at the right time. Effective inventory management helps businesses reduce the costs of maintaining excess inventory while maximizing sales. The right inventory system keeps track of inventory in real time to streamline the management process. Ensuring you always have the right quantity available avoids products going out of stock and avoids capital being tied up in excess stock.

Manufacturers have a number of assets that need to be tracked, from IT assets in the plant to physical assets on job sites. Tracking assets manually using a ledger or spreadsheet is not only tedious and time-consuming, but it’s also prone to human error. The best way for construction companies to maintain effective asset tracking is to utilize the right asset management solution. With asset tracking software from Cheqroom, you can manage and maintain your assets efficiently at your fingertips. The cloud-based asset management tool keeps all asset information and attachments like receipts and warranties in one place so you always know where assets are, who is using them, and when they are due back.

The mobile app features a built-in scanner so you can easily scan asset QR and barcodes to book and check out assets. Asset management software allows you to optimize asset performance by scheduling preventive maintenance to prevent downtime on job sites and track the maintenance history throughout any given assets’ lifecycle. Knowing the location, condition, and use of business assets at any time is key to efficient workflows and productivity.

Cloud Team Management

Companies are increasingly investing in cloud technologies designed to manage remote and hybrid teams, which is critical to business growth. Cloud team management software also streamlines and simplifies the recruitment and onboarding processes. Businesses can also rely on cloud-based management solutions to handle almost any business process from project management to human resource management.

Part of managing personnel is managing who has authorizations and control access at any given time. Rather than paying for security guards to monitor the grounds and who comes in and out, it’s a better idea to invest in smart access technology. The revolutionary security solution from Swiftlane provides safer, more secure access solutions for multifamily buildings using video intercom, face recognition access, mobile access, and visitor PIN codes. The all-in-one access control and video intercom security system increases tenant safety, eliminates package theft, and makes remote management a cinch.

When reading Swiftlane reviews, you’ll learn about all the key features the access control system has to offer and why it’s the best value to keep your property secure. The integrated video intercom system features two-way audio and video intercom via the Swiftlane app for visitor and guest management. Mobile access control eliminates the need for tenants to use fobs or key cards by turning their mobile phones into a key. Face recognition access control combines high security and convenience for secure, seamless entry, while the cloud-based dashboard and mobile app make it easy to manage visitor PINS for guests and deliveries.

Cloud Accounting Tools

The best way to help your accounting team seamlessly track business cash flow is to use cloud accounting tools. Finance apps can monitor financial data in real time across multiple devices, as well as automate financial processes such as business taxes, employee onboarding documentation, employee payroll, and more. You can also take advantage of online check-writing services to simplify the check issuing process.

Inventory management, cloud team management, and cloud accounting tools all help track what goes in and out of factories.