Anxious Dog? Here’s What You Should Ask From Dog Boarding Kennels

Pet owners will know this – you want to go on that holiday or weekend getaway, yet you feel reluctant leaving your dog behind at a dog boarding centre. Will it miss you? Will it feel scared and nervous? Just thinking about it alone is enough to break many owners’ heart.

What if we tell you this is something you can have control over? Sure, most dogs do feel a certain level of anxiety when they are separated from their home and owner, but a good dog boarding facility can actually help alleviate your dog’s fear and anxiety.

If you have not already chosen a dog boarding kennel yet, or even if you have, there are a few aspects you should ask to make sure you choose the right one that will give your dog the most pleasant stay experience.

  1. Is a regular feeding and playtime schedule maintained? Dogs are creatures of habit. By following their routine at home, they get comforted by such continuity so make sure your dog boarding has a fixed routine on hand.
  • Is each kennel separated by a solid wall? Or is it just wire fencing? The former will give a safe and secured feeling by providing vitamin d for dogs as it feels like it has its own little den, whereas wire fencing will allow it to see and interact with neighbouring dogs which may lead to some barking that will further induce its stress levels.
  • Do dogs play in small playgroups? And are they separated according to nature and size? Know that more than eight dogs in a group are classified as too many and for a sensitive dog, that can cause unnecessary stress. Also, avoid those that do not separate puppies from adult dogs in their play or exercise time.
  • How often do they get to go outside? Avoid those that only sit their dogs inside, but be mindful also of those that expect your dog to stay outside and play all day. Even the most energetic dog needs to rest and nap, but we’d say two times outdoor a day is the absolute minimum.

At the end of the day, a good dog boarding centre will be able to address most of your dog’s stress and anxiety issues. One such example is Mr Woofles, a dog boarding Melbourne, which is highly rated by pet owners alike for its attentiveness and the care and love showered to their boarding pets. Knowing that you are leaving your pet in the capable hands of these professionals should let you go and have that much-deserved holiday in peace!