Frequently Used Emoji Symbols And Gestures

Sending text messages or posting on your social media, using emoji symbols and gestures, makes it easier for you to convey everything you want by merely choosing an emoji that would best fit the topic you are writing about. These symbols may not be easily comprehended by many. Here in this article, we will dwell more on the meaning behind them.

The Check Emoji

The check emoji comes in either a plain black check symbol or a detailed white check with a green rectangular background. This emoji showcases if there’s a certain thing you did right or accomplished a task. This check emoji is most commonly used on reminders whenever they tick check on their lists. 

Life accomplishments are also shared with other people virtually. Using this check emoji with other congratulatory emojis created may be a great and fun way to greet people’s achievements and works virtually. 

The Arrow Emoji

This simple arrow emoji is a very useful emoji when placed on pictures, directions, messages, captions, and other social media posts. The arrow emoji is included in the emoji categories list to give people the ability to point out a certain direction through tiny figures. The arrow emoji comes in handy whenever you send texts and directs whether it is up, down, left, or right. 

Numbered Emojis

Emojis are not only focused on cute faces, animals, food, etc. Creators made emojis even more useful than ever because they placed numerical emojis to emphasize the number on a certain topic. These numbered emojis are often used whenever people have to caption pictures on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 

The Red 100 Emoji

This symbol also showcases achievement in a hundred percent rating. Being able to reach a feeling in a hundred is worth the share to other people, and you can do this by composing text messages, posts, and tweets to imply that it is 100 percent achieved.

The Open Hands Symbol Or Emoji

The Open-hands emoji is another misleading hand emoji. People can’t resist making misreadings of such emoji gestures. A few use it if someone or something they don’t fancy or ignore them with an open hand emoji as if they have a superior feeling. 

This emoji meant showing how open a man can be or how willing a person to offer a big hug. Most people seem to believe this emoji is a way to forget things by blocking two hands as a “forget it” gesture. 

The Folded Hands Emoji

The emoji with folded hands is often widely referred to as the praying gesture.s Many individuals are confused with this kind of hand gesture emoji because it can appear as a praying stance or two characters are giving a good high five. There is a range of interpretations of this emoji. 

This emoji is the most exact illustration of how one emoji can have many meanings, making people confused. Most people view this emoji as a sign of persuasion, and some argue it is a high five. It probably depends on how people use it. Folded hands can represent appreciation, wishes, thank yous, admiration, optimism, hope, and more.

The Sign Of The Horns or The Rockstar Hand Emoji

Many thought this Sign of the horns gesture is used for punk rock music; this hand gesture has interpretations for different cultures. It is not only created for neopaganism and music. If you are not cautious about how you will insert this gesture, this may be not very respectful to other people who have different cultural practices than yours. 

The High Raised In Celebration Hand Gesture Emoji

If you figured that this emoji with this raised hand is showcasing a gesture of praise or worship, then you’re probably incorrect. This emoji shows that the individual feels excited, delighted, optimistic, or embraces something correlated to great success.

The Raised Hand

This raised hand is a sign that leaves individuals so puzzled and confused. This gesture can signify reaching out to give someone a high-five or asking a question. Some may misuse it, such as utilizing it to discourage or stop others from communicating. Many of these raised hand emoji are used, but they have a more in-depth and profound meaning.


Being cautious before sending a text or an emoji is important to avoid misinterpretation and misleading topics. Some of these symbols and gestures may be offensive to some, so it is best to be careful and learn the meaning behind them. People are free to use and send as much emojis they want, but paying respect and avoiding offending others is also important. 

Some people find it hard to express their emotions in a wordy sentence. Emojis come in handy when you lack words for a much clearer interpretation. Each emoji is unique in their way, and every emoji has appropriate meanings that many people might not know about.