Bixby: An Introduction to the Excellent Samsung Virtual Assistant

Technology has been evolving at a rapid rate today. Before, the only means of communication when you’re away is through the mail. After that, telephones have been invented, and today we have mobile devices. There are many brands when it comes to mobile devices, but one of the most successful brands in the market is Samsung. 

Maybe you’ve already heard about Bixby, so whether you’re a Samsung user or not, you might be wondering what it is? It’s also possible that even if you have a Samsung phone, you don’t know how to activate or disable Bixby. For everyone’s convenience, having a virtual assistant is useful to make life simpler via voice commands. Here’s what you need to know about Bixby.

What’s the Use of Bixby?

What is Bixby? Bixby is a Samsung virtual assistant that aims to lessen the actions you do manually on your phone. This means you don’t also need to access the app to activate or use it. To launch Bixby on your mobile device, all you need is to use the voice activation feature. What makes this virtual assistant great is that it allows you to expand your options for a better experience. 

Well, you can agree that not all virtual assistants can interpret natural language. Thankfully, Bixby is created with advanced options that don’t rely on pre-recorded phrases. What makes it excellent is that it can anticipate and execute tasks even with incomplete details. Today, the critical aspect of modern AI is natural language recognition, which is the same as Alexa. 

Basically, Bixby performs similarly to modern AI, such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. First, it listens to the command, carefully processes the details, and automatically executes the output. It’s also amazing how Bixby can understand and detect context to converse with you like it’s a real person.

What Devices Can You Use Bixby and How to Activate it?

Activating Bixby will depend on what device or preferred setting you’re using. In addition to that, Bixby is exclusive for Samsung devices only. To successfully activate Bixby, you can use the side key or what they call the Bixby key. The Side/Bixby key is usually located underneath the volume buttons located on the left-hand side of your mobile device. 

If your device has a side key, you can quickly launch Bixby home by holding the button until it appears. On the other hand, Bixby’s home can be launched easily if you have the Bixby key and press it once. It can be activated no matter what you’re doing with your phone at the moment. In addition to that, you can also quickly start Bixby’s voice by holding the Bixby key.

Today, Bixby is available on these Samsung devices:

  • S8 and S8+
  • S9 and S9+
  • S10 and S10+
  • Note10 and Note10+
  • Note9
  • S10e
  • Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra
  • Galaxy Fold

Bixby Settings

When it comes to Bixby’s settings, you will know that there is more to this virtual assistant than just an application. With the Samsung Galaxy S20, Bixby has three integrations: the Bixby Vision, Bixby Home, and Bixby Voice.

Bixby Voice

One of these excellent virtual assistant’s primary goals is to deal with the increase of fancy mobile devices. It intentionally attempts to impersonate the natural conversation of humans and everyday slang. Well, according to Samsung, it can detect similar commands with different phrases. For example, “What’s the weather like today?” “Show me today’s weather,” or “What’s the forecast for today?”.

Once you’ve downloaded the application and completed the voice tutorial of Bixby, you will be able to use the virtual assistant in any way you prefer. All you need to say is hold down the Side/Bixby key or simply say “Hi Bixby.”

Bixby Vision

The use of Bixby Vision is to identify the object that the camera is focusing on. It’s an integrated camera feature that’s applicable to machine learning. This app recognizes various sets of categories such as places, food, QR codes, shopping, wine, texts, and images. To access Bixby Vision, you can simply press the icon that’s usually located on the top left part of the camera’s interface. 

Bixby Home

The supply of Bixby’s home content is the apps on your phone. You can organize the cards easily using the icon you can find on each of the cards. In addition to that, you can also view files from the local weather forecast, health app states, and files from any app. If you synced your google mail to your Samsung mobile device, you would be able to pull data as well. 


With the rapid growth of technology today, there’s no doubt that Bixby will still evolve to a more excellent virtual assistant. You can say that Bixby will be a great help for everyone, especially for people who have special needs. If you’re a Samsung device user, this guide will help you a lot when understanding Bixby.