Facts to Check Before Applying for Fire Recruitment in Australia

Many children nurture a dream of becoming firefighters in their grown-up days. Once grown up, some find other career options suitable for them, while a few still stick to their goal. The selection process one needs to go through to become a firefighter is not easy. In Australia, one needs to meet some requirements to be eligible for becoming a firefighter. Therefore, the second group needs to know some important and valuable facts about fire recruitment in Australia

Firefighter professionals are well-trained specialists who are responsible for dealing with emergency cases related to fire. They can control and extinguish fires; moreover, they can respond to other emergency cases, such as search and rescue, motor and machine accidents. Firefighters also need training in dealing with first aid. They must possess the highest form of physical fitness coupled with the capacity of staying composed even while working under extreme pressure.

Tasks & Responsibilities of Firefighters

Firefighters perform fire analysis, use and inspect water supply equipment and help the community learn essential facts related to fire prevention. They need to communicate with the public regularly and work with other departments such as Police and Paramedics. They work for state and territory fire agencies in urban and rural areas across Australia.

Their key responsibilities are:

  • Arriving at the place of emergencies caused by fire or motor, industrial, and marine accidents.
  • Protecting and evacuating people in a deadly situation.
  • Running pumps, using hoses to spray water, foam, and chemicals, applying portable extinguishers and other appliances to stub out the fire and disperse the life-threatening substances.
  • Cutting holes in the buildings and crashing vehicles to rescue the occupants.
  • Providing the rescued occupants with initial media treatment using their first aid tools.
  • Actively participating in the training activities, rescue program, classes, drills, demonstrations, and courses in emergency and fire-fighting tricks and methods.
  • Making sure that all devices and equipment are in a good state and operating under regular maintenance.
  • Attending every search, rescue, and high-level rescue operations.
  • Assisting other departments in emergency cases.
  • Spreading awareness in the community about fire safety.

When you are trying to become a firefighter professional in Australia, you must understand that these roles and responsibilities discussed above can vary. In this country, the roles and responsibilities are determined according to the three categories in which your duty may fall, and which are:

  • Urban and salaried
  • Rural and volunteer
  • Government land having both salaried and volunteer work opportunities

Australian firefighter agency has its own goals, culture, and glorifying history. That is why people who want to see themselves as members of this agency must consider the agency’s challenges, required skills, and reputation.

Way to Become a Firefighter

In Australia, no specific educational requirements are mandatory for becoming a firefighter. Generally, the candidates must successfully pass the literacy, numeracy, and mechanical reasoning tests. This is an integral part of the hiring process. They also need to meet the minimum physical aptitude standard in order to be eligible for the position.

If you want to apply for fire recruitment in Australia, you can apply online. In the next step, you will be asked to go through mandatory recruitment tests such as personality test, physical aptitude, selection interview, medical test, and running test. If you believe that a bit of guidance can help you achieve your dream, you can find ample resources on the Internet for preparing yourself.