Common Bicycle Accidents in Massachusetts

While biking has numerous advantages, one disadvantage is that you will not have the same level of protection as you would in a car in an accident. Because of the absence of safety, fatal bike accidents are actually a genuine risk. July and November are the two months with the highest rates of fatal bike accidents in Massachusetts. For the best advice on a traffic accident, you should employ a Boston personal injury lawyer.

Massachusetts’s most frequent causes of bicycle accidents.

  • Crash With The Right Pull Out

When a motorist pushes out into the road to make a right turn but fails to notice an approaching cyclist, this kind of bike accident results, usually, the cyclist gets hit by the car in a T-bone collision, or the car suddenly pulls out in front of the bicycle, sending the cyclist crashing into the vehicle’s side. This kind of disaster frequently occurs, especially in Boston and other Massachusetts cities with heavy traffic.

  • The Bicycle Crash with the Right Hook

This kind of bicycle collision occurs when a vehicle passes a cyclist on the left before turning right in front of them. Drivers frequently underestimate the speed of cyclists and fail to notice their proximity before making a right turn.

  • To be “Doored”

This kind of event can occur relatively easily and is very dangerous. An accident results when a cyclist advances and a parked car’s driver’s side door is opened. This situation is known as “getting done.” In the worst scenarios, cyclists collide with the car’s door, fly over it on their handlebars, and land on the pavement.

As motorists are frequently far less conscious of their environment when they are in a parked automobile, this type of mishap can occur easily. It is common for people to depart their cars without first checking for bikers.

  • A bicycle rear-ends collision.

This kind of bicycle accident entails being hit from behind by a vehicle.

  • Left Cross-Cross Collision

When an automobile traveling in the opposite direction makes a left turn in front of a bicycle traveling straight through an intersection, the rider is either struck by the car or forced to crash with it.

Safety Advice To Prevent Common Bicycle Accidents.

  • No matter where you are riding, putting on a helmet is one of the most crucial things you can do to protect yourself.
  • Keep an eye on your speed, particularly if you ride an e-bike. As you approach every intersection, slow down.
  • Put on bright clothing to make yourself more visible to cars.
  • Observe all local traffic regulations.