Cable Harness Assembly Market Growth Affected by Constantly Evolving Technology

For you who are still learning more about this, cable harness assembly is an assembly of electrical wires or cables responsible for transmitting signals or current. It also goes by different names such as wiring harness, wiring assembly, wire harness, wiring loom, or cable assembly, in case that’s what you come across. Commonly used in construction machinery and automobiles, these wiring assemblies are bound together by either conduit, vinyl, electrical tape, or rubber for safety and durability.

The Cable Harness Assembly Market:

The wire harness assembly market heavily relies on the use of its products for the industry to grow. The rise of internet users and the automotive industry’s growth has majorly affected the wire harness assembly at large, contributing to a large percentage of its growth. However, the lack of clear global standards for wiring loom usage has been a stumbling block for the market to some extent.


The demand for cable assembly has increased with the growth in technology. There are various technological inventions every day, and the need to execute these projects heavily rely on wiring assembly. New gadgets from major accessories manufacturers, incoming system upgrades from existing machinery, and the demand for high-quality products by consumers have significantly boosted the market. These factors have significantly affected production, capacity, sales volume, consumption, and supply.

In turn, all that has contributed to changes in imports and exports, prices, costs, revenue, and gross margin, from where the growth can be calculated.


The one thing that has contributed to the market growth of the wiring industry is the strategy used. Different players have used different approaches to ensure that they realize sales and hike their production. Some of the strategies used include;

  • Pre-molding.
  • Potting.
  • Over-molding.

The purpose of doing so is to better the water resistance, abrasion resistance, and overall electronic productivity performance.


It is essential to point out that the cable harness industry is divided into different segments, and individually, they play vital roles. The growth can’t be determined from a general perspective as thus splitting into groups made it easier to notice the significant moves made.

The grouping was in the form of;

  1. Key Players – The impact made by the likes of, Carrio Cabling, and Epec was considered.
  2. Types – Notable growth was observed in data cable assembly, high-speed cable assembly, and conventional cable assembly.
  3. Application – Cable harness assembly in communication, machine, medical equipment, and automotive was the top priority.
  4. Geographically – A detailed analysis of the market share, consumption, revenue, history, growth rate, and the forecast was taken from different regions. The ones majorly concentrated on are the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, etc.

Trends and Future:

The cable assembly market growth is co-dependent on various factors such as;

  1. Competition – Healthy competition between the key players has encouraged the urge to do more, which has contributed to change.
  2. Technology – With every new technology invention comes a need for a wire harness for execution.
  3. Quality – The perfect execution in cable harness production has increased the quality and demand for products.

Final Remarks:

HELTRONICS has its share in influencing growth in the cable assembly market. As the demand for better quality and increased production capacity, the industry will benefit from the growth of technology.