Have a Luxury Wedding on a Tight Budget

Weddings are well-known as being expensive occasions. Every bride and groom have their own story about how much they spent on the basics for their wedding. However, it is possible to have a great wedding without spending all your money. Follow these tips and have a great wedding without needing to spend a lot.

Rent a luxury car for transport

One thing that many couples spend a lot of money on is their wedding transport. But wedding car companies will often charge a fortune to take the bride from their home to the venue, or simply drive the couple to the reception. A better idea is to rent a luxury vehicle and get a friend or family member to drive you. You can rent sport cars with Rich cars for special occasions, which also gives you a wider choice of cars. You can rent a standard luxury sedan or something unique like a supercar to make a grand entrance.

DIY your invitations and announcements

Sending out announcements and invitations can cost a fortune, especially if you go with a professional designer and printer to do the job. However, there are cheaper options to consider that look just as good. You can create customized engagement announcements and invitations online, which can then be printed cheaply and delivered to your door. Keep things simple and then add a few embellishments to create a luxury look.

Keep numbers small

Post-COVID, there is a trend for smaller weddings, which is great if you’re on a budget. Some of the advantages of a smaller wedding include:

  • Having a bigger budget per guest – you can spend more on a nicer venue, open bar, and the things that’ll elevate your occasion
  • You can spend more time with your guests and ensure you have time to speak to them all
  • You get a bigger choice of venues – there are way more venues that cater for small groups than places where you can fit in a couple of hundred people

Look at alternative venues

Weddings are often expensive because anything to do with the wedding industry means inflated prices. Booking a party venue is therefore cheaper than a wedding venue, so don’t just look at places that are marketed for wedding receptions. Firstly, look into marriage registration in Thailand, so you can make sure your wedding is legal. Many couples have a legal ceremony somewhere local, then pick a venue where they can have a symbolic wedding and the party. Venues that don’t offer weddings are usually much less expensive but can be just as luxurious.

You can have a luxury wedding without much money, but it takes a lot of planning and out of the box thinking. Instead of going with the products and services on offer in glossy wedding magazines, do your own research and find ways to cut the cost. Keeping things small and simple also means you can give your guests a better experience. Follow the trend for smaller weddings and you’ll find it easier to stick to a budget too.