4 Types of Diesel Pumps to Consider

This article details four types of diesel pump. Keep in mind that there are many more out there, not just those listed here such as the 12 volt diesel pump and others. But this will give you an introduction to four particular types of diesel pumps to consider when you’re in the market for a new diesel pump. 

12 Volt Diesel Pump 

One of the most popular diesel pumps is the 12 volt diesel pump, which comes in a broad range of styles to suit various applications. Choose from 12 volt diesel transfer pump kits, a 12 volt self-priming pump, 12 volt diesel pump kits, a 12 volt submersible transfer pump, a compact pit stop, a 12 volt skid pump kit with or without meter, a 12 volt submersible transfer pump kit, and a dual voltage diesel transfer pump. Just from this short list, you can get an idea of the variety of products on offer that fall under the category of 12 volt diesel pump

24 Volt Electric Diesel Pump

Similarly to the 12 volt diesel pump, there’s a wide variety of 24 volt electric diesel pumps. Many suppliers will stock a 24 volt submersible transfer pump, an 80LPM 24 volt diesel pump kit, a dual voltage diesel transfer pump, a 24 volt submersible transfer pump kit, a 185LPM 24 volt pump and a 24 volt 60LPM diesel transfer pump. That means there is plenty to choose from when it comes to 24 volt electric diesel pumps. It’s important that you get the right voltage of pump that you need so you have sufficient thrust to pump fuel ready to be used. Make sure you know your particulars before you go shopping so you can get exactly what you need. 

240 Volt Electric Diesel Pump

When you’re looking for 240 volt electric diesel pumps, you might find such models as the 240 volt 100LPM rotary vane pump, the 50mm self priming centrifugal pump, the 2HP water/diesel pump with 50mm inlet, or the 1.5HP water/diesel pump with 50mm inlet. You might be looking for a 70LPM rotary vane pump, or a 200LPM 2” self priming rotary vane pump. There’s also the self priming diesel pump kit to consider, as well as submersible turbine pumps. Another option is the 240 volt high flow pump, or the 80mm self priming centrifugal pump, or finally the diesel pump 150LPM heavy duty vane pump. Any decent supplier will have these options and many others for you to choose from. 

Diesel Hand (Manual) Pump

A good supplier of diesel pumps should have a decent selection of diesel hand (manual) pumps. The variety of pumps might include standards such as the cast iron rotary pump with viton seals, the super flow rotary pump with suction, the diaphragm hand pump with hose and suction, the super flow rotary pump with mechanical flow meter and the cast iron litre pump with hose or suction. When it comes to pumping fuel by hand, these hand pumps are what you want. Check with your supplier to see what they have to offer to meet your needs.