Why Should You Buy State Farm Burial Insurance?

State Farm burial insurance or final expense insurance is a whole life plan specifically designed to cover the funeral’s cost. The policy has a restricted fixed death benefit amount of $10,000. It is available if you are between 50 and 80 with normal, good, or brilliant health. Some of the reasons to choose this policy are:

No Medical Exam Required

The good part is that you would not face any medical exam to qualify for this plan. Instead, you might need to answer basic health questions as a part of the procedure. These questions can be related to:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Not have a history of cancer
  • Heart disease

Whether you get the insurance or not, it depends on the answers you give.

A Flexible Insurance Policy

State Farm’s final expense insurance makes a payment of a fixed $10,000 death benefit directly to the beneficiary you mention. Your beneficiary can use the $10,000 to pay your funeral costs and final medical bills after receiving the payment. The beneficiary can also use the amount in any way they want. The policy is flexible enough to allow:

  • Coverage if you are in the age group of 50 to 80.
  • No need to pay increased premiums
  • Choose between monthly or annual premium payments
  • Tax-deferred cash value of the insurance to accumulate
  • Whether or not to use the death benefit for burial costs

State Farm burial insurance is also qualified to earn dividends. However, you cannot guarantee these. If you accumulate anything, you can use them to:

  • Purchase additional insurance
  • Reduce upcoming premiums
  • Ensure that the beneficiary gets it in cash.

Your burial insurance pricing relies upon several aspects, such as the coverage amount, your health, place, etc. If you have any insurance doubts, you can always discuss them with your agent. Clarity will help you make the best move.

You Get Peace of Mind 

Did you know that the normal pricing of burial services in the United States is nearly $10,000? Do you have any idea that every year, burial service expenses surgeon average between 5 and 8 percent?

Moreover, the burial cost statistics account for just the general services provided by a funeral home. These never include additional required costs like cemetery fees, body transportation, headstone fees, or any non-compulsory services like flowers, lost work time compensation, etc. It is the reason that you need burial insurance policies more than ever.

State Farm burial insurance not just helps you or your loved ones fulfill rising funeral costs, but it even may benefit the family members in other ways. Farm burial and funeral insurance pays in cash, and it means the beneficiary could spend the money as per the need. The insurance does not bind the beneficiary to any specific location, funeral home, or funeral type. Hence, you get flexibility in everything.

Consider Burial Insurance If:

  • You have no life insurance coverage
  • You have no money or savings prearranged for funeral expenses
  • You want to release your family of funeral-related debt once you are no more
  • You prefer a specific final expense policy and life insurance policy

The charm of buying a funeral insurance policy is that the terms are so general. All you need to do is pay your premium. The perks will not go down, and you will never find your premium up. Hence, you stay confident about the insurance and be relieved at heart.

You must choose State Farm for your final insurance because it is a well-known and reliable company and steadily rank among the top 10 insurance companies. State Farm burial insurance will help your family deal with grief, rather than tense about burial expenses.