Why Hiring Customs Import Brokers Such a Big Deal?

Importing goods into Canada is an exponential strategy that can help expand and establish any business. However, getting the imported goods cleared at customs is a tricky affair. You need the help of industry experts so that:

  • Your parcels do not get stuck at customs.
  • You don’t have to pay ridiculously high prices for services like itn generation, documentation filing, and so on.
  • Your documents are complete at the time of submission to customs.

That said, there’s another reason that you need expert import brokers from firms like Clearit. The Clearit import brokers can handle all kinds of emergencies. Besides, the company assigns an agent whose job is to check the goods against damage at the time of export. So, they’re actually your quality inspecting agents as well.

Quite clearly, it is the experience and connections of the clearance company that determines how smooth, quick, and easy the import procedure is going to be. And this is why hiring a good one matters so much.

Moving on, here’s a list of features that will help you in deciding whether or not a company is worth your time and money.

  1. Customer Support Services

Elite import clearance firms like Clearit Canada understand that customers have a lot of questions and queries when it comes to getting goods cleared at customs. Which is why they have live agents who can chat with customers and resolve their queries.

  1. Registering Experience

If it’s tough to register with a company, naturally, it’s going to be tougher doing business with them. Which is why you must pick companies like clearit with a pretty simple registering process.

  • You create a login account and password.
  • You upload important shipment details – mode of import (air, ocean, parcel, or truck), commercial invoice/purchase bill, and details about the cargo.

Following this, you’re assigned your personal agent who reviews all the documents and ensures they’re complete before submitting the final copy at customs.

  1. Quality of Services

An elite firm focuses on providing flexible services. They can manage the entire work process (listed below) and can also sell individual services like ITN at minimal cost.

Customs Workflow that Clearit Manages for You

  • They generate the ITN number at $125 CAD only.
  • They use the secure EDI link to submit your documents at customs.
  • They allot agents to be present at the time of export to make sure the goods are in good condition when cross border exchange begins.
  • They accept credit details to pay for import duties on your goods to ensure speedy clearance at customs.

When you buy all their services from the scratch, they charge just $389.99 CAD.

So, on a parting note, elite custom brokers are the key to ensure that your goods are never held back at customs.