Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney Who Can Take Your Case to Trial?

In personal injury law, cases don’t necessarily end up in court. However, for those that do, the parties involved need to understand different complexities. Usually, people who have sustained injuries because of the negligent action of another fail to take full advantage of their rights to be represented by a skilled lawyer. And sometimes, those who decide to retain an attorney may not know who exactly to hire. Although you will want to look to lawyers who have successfully settled a lot of cases with insurance companies, you want to hire an attorney with trial experience. Because out-of-court settlement is not always possible, you want to work with top rated Atlanta personal injury law firm Stewart Miller Simmons Trial Attorneys, who can represent you wherever your case goes. The following are reasons you must hire a personal injury lawyer with trial experience:

They Understand How the Trial Process Works

After being a victim of a negligent party, you are dealing with significant emotional, physical, and financial hardships. Because of this, you will not want to worry about working with an attorney who is not familiar with the trial process. But, if your attorney has substantial trial experience, you know they fully understand the process. 

The trial process includes the discovery stage, during which lawyers for both parties will present different evidence and provide statements related to the event that resulted in the injury. An attorney with good trial experience will know how to effectively present the necessary documents and evidence. Also, your attorney will present this evidence to the jury to convince them that the other party’s negligence caused your accident and injury. Also, your attorney must demonstrate that the at-fault party is liable for your damages. 

They Are Aware of the Tactics Defendants May Use

When you file a personal injury claim, it will be handled by the at-fault party’s insurance company. This is the reason it can be hard for you to recover maximum compensation for your injury. 

Insurance companies have faced many claims and lawsuits from other claimants. Thus, they hire big legal teams to defend their interest and protect their bottom line. Their attorneys have experienced countless negotiations, trials, and settlement offers. Thankfully, a good attorney for you can go fight against these giants and pursue the right compensation for you. They can spot tactics that insurance companies and their attorneys make such as claiming your injuries or losses are not covered by your policy or that saying your injury is not as serious as you claim. Your lawyer knows how to counter these tactics to ensure you get a favorable verdict.