What Is Employee Recognition Software and How to Decide the Right One for Your Company

Recognising your employees is an important component of running a business. Companies that use effective employee recognition software show to have higher productivity levels, lower employee turnover, and higher returns on investment than companies in similar industries that do not employ recognition programs.

Research conducted in the USA showed that 80% of workers would work harder if they were more valued, recognised, and appreciated. Tools like employee recognition software allows companies to recognise and appreciate everyone’s efforts, no matter how big or small.

What Is Employee Recognition Software?

To be succinct, an employee recognition software or program is essentially a tool that allows companies to recognise and methodically reward their employees. The employee recognition application is meant to send and receive words of appreciation and/or monetary prizes for achievements or outstanding performance by employees.

It can be quite complicated trying to look for the right software for your business, but here are a few features to keep a lookout for that can determine how well-suited the software is for your business.

1. Security

Your company’s competitive edge is based, in part, on its unshared, proprietary data. It is important to see if a recognition platform has the necessary security certifications to evaluate how concerned it really is about security.

In addition, such software also uses employee data, and so this employee data must be secured while using employee recognition software. You should ideally look for software with data security and compliance measures that are as high as possible.

2. Ease of Use

All your employees will use employee recognition software that works like a charm. You should look for a simple, easy-to-use, and accessible software that will bode well with all employees, regardless of their age or knack for technology.

To improve involvement in your employee recognition programs and activities, you should also make sure that your employee recognition software is user-friendly and fun. It would be helpful if the platform could be accessed even from a mobile device.

3. Budget

Purchasing and employing an employee recognition system is the same as making any other significant purchase for your company. Keeping your budget in mind when investing in such software is critical. You’ll also need to know how much you can spend if your recognition program incorporates monetary recognition and incentive redemptions for your employees.

Your budget will highly influence the kind of software and tool you employ to move forward with your recognition system. As a result, it’s critical to pick a platform that can scale with your budget as it grows.

4. Compatibility

A recognition platform must function in tandem with other workplace systems, particularly those employed in HR. Your employees should ideally be able to access all of the major HR systems with a single sign-on.

Smooth integrations also make it simple to set up your recognition system because all of the information is synchronised with the tools you already use. More significantly, a smooth integration keeps both systems connected, eliminating the need to update them manually.


Selecting the finest employee recognition software is a difficult task for many companies. They are constantly trying to assess alternative solutions in a way that provides the most significant value for their investment in the sea of features and functions that they provide. Choosing the best employee recognition software for your organisation is critical to its future success.