Top 5 Bowlers In The Ashes

There are various formats in which Cricket is played across the world. One such format is popularly known as the Ashes. The famous tournament called the Ashes series began between 1882-83 in Australia. It is one of the most popular and appreciated tournaments worldwide. Since its establishment, this tournament has showcased many great bowling performances over the years. Ashes are undoubtedly the most anticipated series in the history of Test cricket matches. The famous rivalry between Australia and England has witnessed power-packed performances where cricketers have given their best and been counted with both bat and ball. There are many players who gave their best performances and created many records in the Ashes. As soon as one season of the Ashes ends, the fans and followers of Cricket eagerly wait for the next Ashes. This tournament is loved by one and all around the globe.

Let’s read a little about the top bowlers who gave noteworthy performances in the Ashes. They are mentioned below.

  1. Shane Warne: One of the finest leg spinners of all time, Shane Warne is undeniably the best bowler in the history of Ashes. He created the record of taking the maximum number of wickets in the Ashes tournament. In 36 matches, he took a total of 195 wickets. Warne participated in seven series of the Ashes from 1993 to 2007. His first ball in the 1993 Ashes is known as the ball of the century. He also created the record of bowling the maximum number of deliveries in the Ashes. Having performed in many Ashes series till year 2007, Warne also made the record for taking the maximum 10-wicket hauls. He even broke Hugh Trumble’s record for claiming most wickets in Ashes in the season of 2005. Shane Warne claimed 40 wickets in 2005 against England and is the last bowler who recorded 40 wickets in a single Ashes series. He is one of the efficient bowlers of all time and is also famous for his remarkable achievements in the Ashes.
  1. Glenn McGrath: The famous fast bowler in the history of Cricket, Glenn McGrath is another extraordinary bowler in the Ashes tournament. He is the second bowler to claim the most wickets in the history of Ashes. His impressive performances helped him to pick 157 wickets in 30 matches of his career that too at a tremendous strike rate of 46.3. In the season 1997, McGrath took eight wickets for 38 at the ground of Lord’s against his opponent team of England. Over the years, he played a crucial role in the Australian team with his impeccable bowling to defeat the English batters. He tormented the English players so much on the field that he was feared by the England team. This brought him a lot of success in his career. In 2001, McGrath offered the best performance of his career against England, as he successfully claimed 32 wickets in five matches at an amazing strike rate of 36.4. He is widely appreciated by cricket enthusiasts.
  1. Hugh Trumble: The stupendous bowler of the ‘Golden age of cricket’, Hugh Trumble was an efficient off-spinner with unimaginable perfection and accuracy. His ability to incorporate intelligent variations in pace was undoubtedly one of his most unique talents. Trumble was an all-rounder. He played his debut match in 1890 against  England in the Ashes series of that particular year. During his 1899 visit to England, this all-rounder, Trumble, scored 1183 runs and claimed 142 wickets. A few years later, due to his back-to-back top-notch performances, he was named Australia’s well-known skipper. In the year 1902, he gave the best bowling performance of his cricket career against England. He was praised by Wisden, too, for his performance. Before his retirement, in the second Test of the 1903-04 series of the Ashes, he took 24 wickets with a jaw-dropping hat-trick. He is undeniably one of the legendary figures in the history of Cricket.
  1.  Ian Bell: Ian Bell, another talented bowler, has played in five Ashes series till now in his cricket career. Among the several matches he played in his career, his brilliant performances made him a winner of the four. He is truly the most remarkable figure in the Ashes tournament, whose consistency in his performance has brought him to the limelight. In a recent series in which England played,  Bell scored 500 runs that included three essential centuries. His extraordinary score helped England to become a champion in the match. Thus,  England’s victory in that particular series is, to some extent, due to Bell’s brilliant performance. Some interpreted this series of the Ashes to be “Bell’s Ashes”. Cricket lovers have always enjoyed and appreciated his performances.
  1. George Lohmann:  The legendary English Cricketer, George Lohmann, was a fantastic performer in the Ashes. He created the record of taking  77 wickets against Australia in his playing career. In the year 1886, at The Oval, he claimed seven wickets for 36 runs and five for 68 and helped England to win the match by an innings. In 1892, he reached the millennium by picking up eight wickets for 52 runs in a stadium in Sydney. In Ashes Tests, Lohmann claimed ten wickets five times in 18 series he played in his career. In his brilliant playing career, he took 112 wickets in 18 test matches with an average strike rate of 34 balls per wicket. He is undoubtedly one of the most terrific bowlers in the history of Cricket, whose remarkable achievements are still remembered and admired by people all across the globe.

There had been many efficient and mesmerizing players over the centuries whose remarkable achievements in the Ashes contributed a lot to their glorious cricket careers. In this article, an attempt has been made to list five among the most successful bowlers in the Ashes. Their performances, records and achievements are truly appreciable. Only dedication and determination can lead to such a successful cricket career as these players had. Cricket lovers will cherish the memories of astonishing performances by these brilliant bowlers.

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