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Tips to Hire the Best Removal Services

When hiring a removal service, a number of people do not pay much attention to their credentials and simply go with one they find the cheapest. However, when hiring interstate removalists, it is important to check the company thoroughly as you will trust them with moving your precious items from one state to another. A good removalist is not only licensed but has years of experience as well. There are a number of removal companies in Australia, but choosing the best can prove to be a daunting task. A common thing that you may find with all of them is the type of plans they offer but there will be a difference in the quality of these services.

Below given are some essential points to consider when selecting interstate removalists:

  1. A Systematic Moving Process:

A good removal service company will have a systematic process of taking note of all the inventory along with its size and estimated cost of moving. Big furniture items such as bookcases, tables, and cupboards will be measured to assess the space they will occupy in their moving container, which will determine the price of moving them. Thus, you should get a fair estimate of transporting all your items before the moving process begins.

  • Arbitration and Licensing:

Another important criterion to consider is whether the removal company is licensed. Every moving company needs to fulfill a list of requirements to be qualified for a license, which can assure customers of a certain standard of service quality to expect. Moreover, you can also ask the company directly about their arbitration policy. Arbitration programs are necessary for interstate removalists to resolve disputes in case anything gets damaged during transportation. 

  • Size of Initial Deposits:

It is time to reconsider your decision to hire a removal service if they are demanding a hefty deposit in the beginning. It is advisable to choose a company that requires a small deposit amount to initiate the moving process and bills you only once the entire process is over. This way, it is also easier for you to have some control and say in how and when you want your belongings delivered. However, if you end up paying a large chunk of the moving fee upfront, chances are you’ll be waiting for days on end to get any of your items moved to your new location.


  • References and Reviews:

A, smart way to shortlist a few removal services, is to check with your friends and family and their experiences and recommendations, if any. If you do not receive any names from them, then look for customer reviews and ratings of different moving companies online. 

  • How is their Walkthrough?

Walkthroughs can help customers evaluate how professional and experienced the removal company is. It can also give the interstate removalists an idea of the customer’s specific needs. Hence, this is a great way for you to see if your mover is asking you pertinent questions about your requirements. An ideal company like Transcorp Removals and Storage will check what sensitive items you have, what items you do not want removed, and how quickly you want all your belongings moved.