Perfect Pawning of the Gold At the Right Shop

Gold is a safe bet. If you want to sell gold (jewelry, coins, bars) you have to be careful to whom and how much you sell it because it can be bought back below the real market. So as not to get lost and sell without being fooled, here are some tips.

How Do I Know What Type Of Gold Jewelry I Own?

To sell your jewelry well, you must already know what you are selling. Be aware that there are several different gold alloys. The amount of gold contained in your jewelry is indicated in karats. And the higher the karats, the more valuable your jewelry and the more expensive it will be. You can also refer to the hallmarks that are found on gold, silver and platinum objects. For gold an eagle’s head or an owl, correspond is to 18K or 750 / 1000th (75% gold); a scallop, 14K or 585 / 1000e (58.5% gold); a clover, 9K or 375 / 1000e (37.5% gold). At the Pawn shop Sydney you can get the best rates.

If you are in doubt about the metal of your jewelry, here are some tips: gold, silver, copper are not magnetic. If the jewel sticks to a magnet, its fantasy, fake! If it is scratched and shows a gray or greenish metal underneath, it is gold plated and has no value! It will not be redeemed.

How Do I Know What Kind Of Gold Jewelry I Can Sell?

As long as it’s gold, you can sell it. Jewelry (even broken), objects or teeth, coins everything is salable as long as it is in gold, or even in silver or platinum.

How Do I Know Where To Go To Sell My Gold?

Gold buyers at the counter, itinerant, in store or online, the founders buy gold only by the gram. These gold buyers are often only interested in the commodity. If you want to sell your grandmother’s ring with a precious stone, it is better to consult an expert in a jewelry or jewelry store who will assess it and can offer you a higher price. You can also show them your parts to find out which ones have a particular quotation.

How Do I Get The Best Price For My Gold?

Redemption prices are set freely by the trading posts, hence the importance of knowing the official gold price to get an idea of ​​the market. Selling sites will give it to you on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to play the competition, because there can be big differences in price. Consult with professionals, who have been around for at least 10 years, a company that has been in business for at least 10 years certainly has not endured a habit of scamming its clients. The duration of existence is therefore a pledge of confidence. Now Find out more about it.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Your Gold Jewelry Appraised?

Expertise and quotes are often free. Also take into account the commissions and intermediary costs foundry which may vary from one company to another. It is for this reason that it is important to ask for the net redemption price. Do not try to know the prices over the phone, those who give it to you are unprofessional, because each will give you a high price to attract you without really knowing if this price corresponds to your jewelry.Finally, very important to know it that you must be of legal age to sell them and present an identity document.