Themed Wedding Ideas to Inspire

If you fancy a themed wedding and are open to ideas, you have come to the right place, as we asked a few event planners what are the most popular themes for weddings in Australia. Here are their answers.

    • Go Two Tone – There are so many ways to make a wedding a monochrome event, black and white go together so well and when you inform your guests, you can be sure they will be following the theme. Black and white are not set in stone, you might have a thing for red and blue, or perhaps yellow and green, any two contrasting colours are suitable.
    • Western Blues – If you are a cowboy (or cowgirl) at heart, why not throw a barn dance ambience party and everyone can wear cotton shirts, denim jeans and leather boots. Best to skip the guns, as there will be alcohol flowing! The list of ways to westernise a wedding is endless; music, clothing, décor and we are sure your guests will do their best to fit in perfectly. With top venue hire in Gymea, their many resources are at your disposal.
    • Travellers Union – If you have both done your fair share of backpacking around the world, what better way to celebrate your union than a travel themed wedding? You can include food and drink that comes from places you have visited and asking your guests to bring a travel memento along is a great idea for a bit of fun. At some stage, you can ask guests to tell their travel stores that are centred around the item they brought along. If you are a budding tech entrepreneur, here are a few digital tools you will need.
    • Bohemian Style Wedding – This down-to-Earth trend is simplistic and natural, ideal for the nature lover who loves comfort and freedom. Keep it earthy with neutrals like beiges, greens and browns, while flowers should be everywhere. Ask your guests to pull out all the stops and come up with unique looks with perhaps a beach theme, or even as the venue. Phuket resorts are very experienced at hosting bohemian wedding parties and you’re not far from the infamous Full Moon Parties!
  • The Twenties – Why not go for the Art Deco look? Many couples choose this theme as they have a passion for Art Deco and the bold designs that were in trend during this exciting time. Your guests will love to dress up for the party and the music can also be themed for the 1920s, with a typical twenties style menu. The videographer can capture great footage and take some stills to keep for many years to come.

If arranging the wedding is proving to be a big challenge, consider hiring an event manager, someone who can take the strain from you, allowing you to enjoy what should be the most amazing day of your life! Planning is the key to a successful event and using the web allows you to manage all the vendors and providers you need to put on your wedding celebration.