Sexual Harassment At The Workplace: Here Is How You Can Tackle It

Sexual harassment might not be common, but it still lingers in some working societies. The victims are not all female, and the perpetrators are all male.

Sexual harassment comes in a wide range of reactions and can leave you with mild annoyance to utter devastation. If you find yourself being sexually harassed, you can ask for help from a Missouri law firm. Visit their website to know more.

Before we can get down to handling sexual harassment in the workplace, we first need to understand what sexual harassment is about.

What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination. It violates Title VII of the civil right act 1964. According to the civil right’s acts, there are two types of sexual harassments:

  • Quid Pro Quo: It is practically blackmailing the employees with the opportunities that if they allow the sexual advances, they will be awarded salary raise, work assignment, or even continued employment.
  • Hostile Work Environment: Sexual comments or conduct can create a hostile work environment. This kind of practice makes the workplace quite intimidating and hostile for the workers. A hostile environment is an ongoing behavior pattern and not a single event.

In fact, sexual harassment doesn’t have to involve sexual behavior. It can also include inappropriate jokes, comments, and showing explicit materials.

How To Handle Sexual Harassment At Work?

If you have even been sexually harassed, you have full right to claim compensation from the offender. As the prominent offenders are men, most people take this crime and relate it to entertainment or politics.

Here is how you can tackle sexual harassment at work.

1. Decide Whether The Conduct Is Sexual Harassment

There are many scenarios that can be misinterpreted as sexual harassment. Hence, it is important that you have a clear understanding of what can be called sexual harassment.

For certain practices to be considered sexual harassment, the victim needs to be offended. Then there is the relationship between the victim and offender. We have seen the friends make these kinds of remarks.

2. Take The Following Steps If You Think You Have Been Sexually Assaulted

We know being in a situation where you might just have been harassed, the best way to deal with scenarios like these is to simply speak up. Forbearance, if you find someone having explicit material, speak up and ask them why they have that material in the office. Problem solved!

3. Follow Your Company’s Sexual Harassment Procedures

If that doesn’t work, go through the company’s privacy and policy to find the right procedures to act against these kinds of activity. Usually, you will find guidelines that would ask you to report your managers.

4. Write A Formal Complaint

It is ok to take the sexual harassment problem in person, but it is always better to let the organization know about the event beforehand with a proper email. Try to incorporate the following in your email:

  • Subject: Formal complaint of sexual harassment.
  • Detailed information as to what happened in the incident.
  • Confirm whether the behavior still continues.
  • Add any concerns that you have regarding the matters.

5. Hire An Attorney If Things Goes Wrong

If you find that the organization is taking your complaint lightly or just disagree with their findings, you might take help from an experienced attorney.

If you face a situation that can be considered retaliation, this is the symptom that shows that the organization is standing against your employee’s right. Hence, it is better that you take the legal route to get justice for your devastating experience.

Final Advice

The bottom line is that you do not have to be embarrassed about the whole thing. Speak up about the sexual harassment that has been happened to you. You are not alone; there are strict laws to help people like you.