Dare To Surf On Bono

Pekanbaru is the third-largest city in the island of Sumatera, and also the capital of Riau Province. This city is also known as Port City as it is located on the bank of River Siak. The urbanization of this city has outpaced other towns as it is emerging as a travel and leisure destination. Most international travellers use Pekanbaru as a stopover before plying to another end. But spending a few days is worth, as this town has many hidden treasures to explore. The architecture of the historical buildings and culture of this land have a distinct influence of Malay civilization.

Comfortable accommodation

Hotels in Pekanbaru are ideal for business and pleasure with business and executive rooms. All modern amenities are available to make your stay comfortable and memorable. Conference rooms are available so that you can conduct a meeting in a quiet, tranquil space. The help desk is operational around the clock and aids you in every possible way. The check-in and check-out process is easy and effortless as all staff are polite and gracious. The complimentary breakfast is ample and generous.

Sungai Kampar

River Kampar is iconic, among surfers of the world. This river is unique as it features tidal bore, which makes surfing possible. A tidal bore takes place at the coast, in the estuary. Water gushes into river against the current, causing a tidal wave. The tidal wave is a positive surge; it increases the depth of the channel. All over the world, there are only eight tidal bore, and River Kampar is one of them and the only in entire Indonesia. In native language tidal bore is called Bono, and the myth is seven ghosts are responsible for this mammoth, powerful waves. The waves can reach up to 4 to 6 meters at times. 

If you want to witness this natural event, the magical waves which are less predictable than tides, come to Kampar. The distance is only one and a half-hour drive from Pekanbaru.

Pasar Bawah

Pasar Bawah is a market place located in the coast of River Siak; this place will satisfy your shopping spree. This market is stuffed with local cuisines, arts, crafts, and many shops sell antiques and souvenirs. You can find excellent items at an affordable price.

Tour to Istana Siak Sri Indrapura

From the market visit Istana Siak Sri Indrapura, it is a perfect fusion of Arabic, European and Mala architecture designs. This palace is reminiscing of the glorious past and rich culture. It was built by a German architect in 1889, during Sultan Siak regime. As you enter this fortress, you will witness a grand door depicted with an image of a high soaring eagle duo. Inside there are many precious antiques including the golden throne of the Sultan. 

Another interesting antique is a musical instrument known as “Komet”.The instrument is crafted from a steel plate and was designed by a German acoustics connoisseur. When played, it emits an exquisite sound. It was played to entertain the royal guests and during mealtime of the Emperor. An inbuilt rotating disk harness kinetic energy to power the musical instrument. The instrument sounds like a piano and is rarely played and well preserved.

Another room displaying tables and chairs crafted from wood, glass and crystals will amaze you. The princely room is decorated with ceiling hanging crystal chandeliers, wooden wardrobes, the assortment of weapons made from copper and steel. Another object of interest is the black wardrobe made of steel used by the Sultan, startlingly no one including expert locksmith was able to open the safe till date. No one knows the contents of the wardrobe, maybe some valuable gems. You are allowed to take snaps inside the palace, and it is just three to four hours drive from Pekanbaru.

Danau Bandar Khayangan Lembah Sari

Just from 10kilometers from the heart of the city, this humanmade lake is located. It was built for irrigation. The project covers around 16 hectares of land, and the lake is encircled with lush greenery. There are cottages beside the lake, from where you can enjoy the tranquil panorama and feel the quietness of the surroundings. This spot is ideal for a picnic. Hire a paddleboat which can accommodate two people, to take a ride on the lake. Apart from the serene panorama surrounding the lake, uniqueness is the occasional fests held over here. The flourishing green atmosphere, the cool breeze, chirping of birds, and song of the flowing water arouse the inner peace and stillness, which is most inaccessible in modern urban life.

Masjid-Agung An-Nur

This mosque is located in the centre of the city, and one of the grandest in Indonesia. 4500 Muslims can offer prayer simultaneously. The architecture of the mosque resembles that of Taj Mahal, India. The mosque consists of three floors with large open space.


This is an iconic building, where many art exhibitions, concerts, festivals and cultural shows are held. The aesthetic of the hall will amaze you, with predominant Malay traits. Inside the building, some nonprofit organizations sell local artworks and provide information about the items. It is the right place to buy some authentic ethnic art and craftworks.

AlamMayang Recreational Park

If you want a touch of greenery amidst the city, AlamMayang recreational park is the just-right spot. The large green open space, twined with recreational facilities will unwind your mind and body. This recreational park sprawls around 24 hectares, with many facilities such as angling, safari train, bike tracks, banana boat, water bicycle, flying fox and many more. The lush green vista with many trees and shrubs gives a quiet, comfy vibe which is soothing and consoling. The stunning natural landscape with numerous rides attracts many tourists and local people. From a distance, this park looks like a stretched out mountain fetter. 

A bridge over River Siak makes this place more stunning and appalling. Many water sports are offered by the authority to make the park more recreational and exciting. In the outdoor, you can test your gunfire accuracy on the shooting targets; overall, you will not spend a dull moment in the park.