Service Offers You Can Expect from a Jeep Dealer in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city in Florida with a population of 890,467. As a densely populated city, vehicle owners are constantly rising here.

When you buy a jeep, you’re getting more than just a car. You’re getting a lifestyle. A jeep is perfect for weekend getaways and off-roading trips. That’s why it’s crucial to find a dealership that understands your needs and offers the services you need to keep the vehicle in top condition. 

The following article will discuss the service offers you can expect from a jeep dealer in Jacksonville

24-hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

It is a service that every jeep owner should take advantage of. You can get an emergency assistance in the following situations:

a) Your Car Breaks Down, and You Need a Tow

If your jeep breaks down, you can call the dealership, and they will send someone to tow your jeep to the closest service center. 

They will also provide you with a loaner vehicle to continue your day. It is an excellent service to have if you’re ever in a bind.

b) You Need a Jump Start

If your jeep’s battery dies, they will send a technician to jump-start your car. 

c) You Lock Your Keys in the Car

If you lock your keys in the car, you can call the dealership, and they will send someone to unlock it. 

d) You Have a Flat Tire

If  your vehicle gets a flat tire, you can get it changed.

e) You Run Out of Gas

If you run out of gas, the dealership team will bring you a gallon of gas.

Routine Maintenance

It is essential to take your jeep in for routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The dealership offers the following services: 

a) Oil Changes

Oil changes are essential to keep the engine running smoothly. The dealer offers this service at a competitive price.

b) Tire Rotations

Tire rotations are essential to keep your tires wearing evenly. 

c) Brake Inspections

Brake inspections are crucial to keeping you and your passengers safe. The company will inspect your brakes for wear and tear.

d) Battery Replacement

If your battery is starting to die, the dealership can replace it for you. 

e) Fluid Checks

Fluid checks are essential to keeping your jeep running smoothly. The dealership will check all of your fluids and top them off if needed.

f) Filter Changes

Filter changes are necessary to keep your vehicle running clean. The car provider offers this service at a competitive price.

g) Windshield Wiper Replacement

If your windshield wipers are starting to wear out, the team can replace them for you.

h) Checking Engine Light Diagnosis

Engine light diagnosis involves checking your engine’s computer for any errors. If there are any errors, the team will repair them free of charge.

i) Scheduled Maintenance

The dealership offers a scheduled maintenance program to fit your needs and budget. It involves bringing your vehicle in for regular service at a discounted price.

Jeep Accessories

The average car ownership in Jacksonville, FL, is two cars per household. Hence, vehicle parts are frequently in demand.

The dealership offers a wide variety of jeep accessories to enhance your driving experience. They have everything from roof racks to seat covers. You can find anything you need to customize your car.

Some common parts are:

a) Tires

The dealership offers a wide variety of tires to choose from. They have everything from all-terrain tires to winter tires. You can choose the perfect tire for the jeep.

b) Bumpers

If you wish to add protection to your jeep, the team can install a bumper. A bumper can improve the aesthetics of your vehicle.

c) Lift Kits

If you’re looking to add some height to your car, the team can install a lift kit. 

d) Winches

A winch helps extract your jeep from difficult situations. The dealership offers a wide variety of winches to choose from.

e) LED Lights

LED lights are perfect for off-road driving. They provide a wide range of light which are very durable.  

f) Grilles

A new grille can completely change the look of your car. These are helpful to keep the bugs and debris out of your vehicle.

g) Seat Covers

Seat covers are remarkable to protect your seats from wear and tear. They are also helpful in keeping your jeep clean.

h) Floor Mats

The best floor mats keep the interior of your car clean.

i) Nerf Bars

You can use nerf bars to help you get in and out of your car. They are also helpful in preventing scratches to your jeep’s paint job.

j) Cargo Carriers

Cargo carriers help transport large items. They are also helpful in keeping your vehicle organized.


If you’re in the automobile market for a jeep, it’s worth checking out what your local jeep dealer in Jacksonville has to offer in terms of service. You can expect a range of services, from financing to maintenance and repairs.