Send festive greetings to your loved ones with Regional Keyboards

India, the world’s second most populous country and one of the world’s emerging economies, has the highest number of regional language speakers. Now, regional languages such as Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, and others are quite helpful when it comes to expanding one’s business opportunities and engaging with customers and clients. They can do it using keyboard layout software rather than translation services.

There are a few additional typing programmes for native Indian languages, but only a few of them are useful. We’ll go through the top  Android apps for send festive greetings to your loved ones with Regional Keyboards learning Indian languages that are light, fast, and incredibly easy to use in this article –

Desh Keyboard

Desh Keyboards is an Android developer from 2017. There are currently 15 apps in the portfolio. Desh Keyboards’ apps have amassed around 20 million instals in total, with 600,000 of those occurring in the last 30 days, according to our estimates. Only a handful of the most important apps include Hindi Keyboard, Gujarati Keyboard, Tamil Keyboard, Japanese Keyboard – Romaji to Japanese, Marathi Keyboard, Kannada Keyboard, and Telugu Keyboard. In total, they’ve been used over a million times.

Bobble Keyboard

The Bobble Indic Keyboard has been immensely popular in recent years due to its voice typing and other unique features. The software allows you to personalise your texts in 21 Indian languages and six dialects, and it uses AI, deep learning, natural language processing, and data analytics to predict your typing action in real time. In terms of communication, mobile phones have mostly supplanted landlines. Particularly among the younger population, texting is gradually replacing phone calls. Bobble AI, an Indian start-up, invented the Bharat keyboards, which are a collection of regional typing keyboards. Its objective is to provide its customers with the best typing experience possible and to make them fall in love with typing.

Bharat keyboards value user feedback because it allows them to develop in the future. For sticker collectors, the Malayalam keyboard, one of the most popular Bharat keyboard programmes, is the finest software. The ability to create stickers is maybe the most important feature of the keyboard. The app  consists of a number of pre-made sticker packs. The keyboard can be used to download and access these sticker packs. The phone’s front-facing camera is used to make animated stickers. Without the need to download any third-party software, these animated stickers or GIFs can be delivered instantly. The Malayalam Typing Keyboard, like all Bharat keyboards, comes with a selection of English and Malayalam instant messengers, allowing you to immerse yourself in the literary dream.

They have the ability to bring a gathering of people together to laugh and smile. Aside from its features, the main reason to get this keyboard is that it provides the best typing experience possible. The Bharat business’s Malayalam keyboard is the quickest Malayalam typing keyboard available on the Play Store app. Download Malayalam Keyboard App from Play Store. Everyone can easily type in Malayalam. Manglish can be typed using your keyboard. The most commonly used keyboard is the Manglish keyboard. When you type English letters, the keyboard immediately switches to Malayalam. The Speech to Type tool is a terrific feature that simplifies the process of drafting long messages.

The Bharat Hindi Keyboard is a terrific app available on the Play Store.  To convert Hindi text, use this Hindi keyboard for Android, or use the Hindi keyboard with the English to Hindi translator. Text-to-text conversion is also available on the Hindi Keyboard to make typing Hindi easier. With the Personal Stickers feature, you may create amusing Hindi stickers. Bharat Keyboards Fast Hindi Keyboard for Android is a piece of software that can be set as your Android device’s default input method and used as a Hindi input keyboard in any app. By tapping the button to the left of the spacebar, you can switch between Hindi and English instructions. A BigMoji can be sent by long-pressing an emoticon in the Emoji panel. Using the Bobblehead option, you can create customised WhatsApp stickers or stickers for other platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by taking a selfie or using a favourite photo. You may make personalised stickers by combining these Bobbleheads with fun sticker designs. Bharat Keyboards has a large selection of keyboards as well as a number of tools. Download Hindi Keyboard App from Playstore for fast, smooth, trustworthy, and limitless typing fun.


Gboard has remained at the top of the Android keyboard mountain for a reason: excellent predictions owing to machine learning, quick access to gifs and sticker packs like the Disney Stickers collections, and a dictionary that is tied to your Google account and follows you around. The themes on Gboard aren’t as varied or stylish as those on other keyboards, but they’re nonetheless appealing. Gboard also allows you to create your own gifs, as iOS users have been able to do for quite some time. Gboard also supports a large number of different languages from all over the world. Free is not only one of the greatest Android keyboard apps, but also one of the best Android apps in general.

Mint Keyboard

Mint Keyboard is a virtual keyboard that allows you to type in a variety of ways. Xiaomi’s Mint Keyboard is a user-friendly keyboard with a lot of features. It comes with a keyboard in your native language, allowing you to text in a variety of Indian languages! You can type in Hinglish or any other language that combines Indian English with another. You can also type in English and have it translated into any language instantly (Transliterate). This keyboard supports all Indian languages for typing and speech-to-text.

Swalekh Keyboard

Swalekh is a new piece of software, but it has a lot of power. The primary selling factors are its three typing styles: Native, Phonetic, and Macaronic. Currently supported languages are Hindi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Odia, Telugu, Assamese, Malayalam, and Tamil. According to Google, more Indian languages would be added to Android in the near future.

Lipikaar Keyboard

Lipikaar is a simple typing programme that supports all Indian languages. Lipikar supports Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, and Kodagu among India’s many languages and scripts. It can also be used with non-English languages such as Brahui, Baluchi, Dzongkha, Nepali, Sanskrit, and Tibetan.

Quillpad Keyboard

Quillpad Keyboard makes it simple to write in Indian regional languages. While the intelligent keyboard allows you to write quickly, handwritten gesture detection adds a unique layer to the experience. Sending letters to friends and family, posting messages on social media, sharing jokes, looking up lyrics, and more are all things you’ll like. It’s all written in your local language.

Fleksy Keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is an Android keyboard that combines a solid range of features with a pleasing look, making it one of the most complete keyboards available. There are various methods to personalise Fleksy Keyboard, in addition to changing the colour and size of the keyboard. There are a variety of regional languages to pick from as well. Type your content on your Android smartphone or tablet and enjoy the best and fastest keyboard app ever!