A Simple Guide to Washing Clothes at a Laundromat

When you have a ton of laundry sitting at the corner in your apartment, it becomes an eyesore over time, especially if the laundry’s constantly stacking every day. At some point, you’ll have to go to a laundromat to wash all of the dirty laundries. But before travelling to a laundromat, do you have everything prepared?  

Some would go to a self-service laundromat and have a hard time doing the laundry because of how unprepared they are. You can keep in mind a few tips to ensure that you won’t have any issues whenever you’re doing laundry. Doing laundry may be a simple chore, but there’s always a way to do it better and efficiently. 

Sorting Clothes Before Going 

Everyone knows that sorting clothes before putting them in the washer is critical. This is the most basic task to do when doing laundry because mixing the white fabric with coloured ones can cause the white fabric to get stained. If you’re planning to do your laundry, you should have the clothes sorted the day before. Sorting clothes is time-consuming, especially if you have a ton of dirty laundry. You may need to do this if you’re on a tight schedule and want to get the laundry done as quickly as possible. 

Bringing Your Own Detergent

Are you planning on spending less on your laundry? A good tip is to bring your own detergent all the time. While the laundromat shop may have detergent for sale, you can always look for stores that sell them at a lower price. If you frequently travel to the laundromat shop, you can avoid bringing a large container of detergent. This will only add more weight to the laundry basket you’re carrying. It’s best to place the detergent in a small bottle or ziplock bag and only pour the right amount into the small container. The safest way for adding detergent to the washer is to use at least a tablespoon of detergent for every regular load size. 

Always Check the Dryer and Washer

When you’re about to dump your laundry into the machines, it’s best always to check the inside. There are instances where people would get their clothes ruined permanently because of chlorine bleach stuck to the surface. You should have at least an old towel or rag with you to clean the inside properly. Also, check the automatic bleach dispensers if there’s any bleach left, then clean and dry them out. 

After you’re done wiping the washer and dryer, double-check if there are any items the last person to use it have accidentally left, such as lipsticks, pens, and other things that can stain your clothes. Sometimes, you may even find laundry that’s not yours. For sanitary concerns, you should take them out and give them to the management. 

Using the Dryers Efficiently

Keep an eye out for dryers that have already been used because it helps dry your clothes faster compared to one that hasn’t been used. Another important thing is to check and clean the lint trap. Cleaning it also helps dry the clothes more quickly, preventing potential fires, and ultimately saving you money. 

Another way to make clothes dry faster is to fluff each of them. Not only will it help the clothes dry faster, but it’ll also have fewer wrinkles. 

If you keep these tips in mind, you won’t have a hard time doing your laundry at a self-service laundromat anymore. If you live in Gerringong and want to do your laundry more comfortably, there are several laundromats in the area, like Wash & Spin Laundromat providing quality service. So don’t hesitate to clean your clothes, it’s pretty simple a job.