Perfect Energy Supply with the best Referral Code

Quite simply, it can be said that the best-known and the largest energy suppliers rarely offer the best prices. As a rule, they do not need to, as their size symbolizes security and, in addition, sometimes offers services that can be of use. However, large energy providers often lack the necessary flexibility and speed in processing inquiries.

The number of energy suppliers to be inquired about and the number of offers actually received often differ greatly from one another. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that many customers make unqualified inquiries (see point Data basis for energy purchasing) or because competitive reasons make it impossible to submit an offer. Many energy providers have stakes in other providers, so you tend not to compete. Now with Octopus energy referral the options are wider than ever. One can get £50 with this referral code. In the pursuit of reducing the energy bills, this is the energy supplier company that you can count on.

The Services are the Offers

The companya lot of investments in the electricity sector alone. This means that you will not receive an offer from the company to supply electricity to a “friendly” municipal utility, nor will the utility offer an offer against the service. Another form can also be a form of price agreement. It is true to the motto “If we already place an electricity supply contract in a partner delivery area, then with a good margin”. In extreme cases, this could mean that you get several offers, one of which of course delivers the best price, but the bottom line is that you pay significantly more than necessary because all the suppliers involved “agreed”.

Building Up Your Energy Network

Fortunately, it looks similar in the area of ​​energy supply, because many energy suppliers purchase their electricity from the same wholesaler or are simply not able to feed into your network due to the much more complex network structures. The referral codes really come useful there.

Careful research is the order of the day and unfortunately for every new contract, because the wave of mergers and the network restructuring are constantly in motion. The orientations of the respective energy providers are also changing, which makes the selection even more difficult.

You are faced with the task of finding a cheap and safe energy supplier. The complexity of the energy market poses a challenge when it comes to energy procurement. You ask yourself: When is the right time to go shopping? What should my company pay attention to?


When making your choice, make sure that you have a specific contact person. You should first clarify with them whether the supplier can deliver to your area. In addition, ask for reference customers and try to ask them about the quality of care, correct invoicing and general handling. This significantly reduces the risk of ending up with the wrong supplier.

The choice of the right purchasingstrategy is determined by the risk and price factors. You can influence different factors by choosing the type of purchase. Classic supply contracts, tranche purchases, pooling, framework contracts and individualized products that can be implemented through tenders or auction processes are possible, among other things.