Looking for functional TV wall mounts? Check this guide!

Most homeowners prefer to have their television mounted on the wall. Not only it frees up the floor space that would be otherwise needed by an entertainment unit, but also allows for better viewing. If you check the market for TV wall mounts, you will be surprised with the number of options. The good news is you don’t have to spend a fortune to own one. You can get advanced designs in PrimeCables wall mounts for as low as $100. Below are some factors to consider when you are looking for TV wall mounts. 

The type

There are three main categories in TV wall mounts – fixed, tilt, and full-motion. There is also a fourth category of ceiling wall mounts, where the attachment is on the ceiling from which the television is suspended. 

  1. The cheapest of all is a fixed TV wall mount, which cannot be adjusted for viewing angles. If you have a small room, or don’t have the budget for other options, this could be your pick. 
  2. A tilting mount basically allows you to move the screen vertically, to adjust the viewing angle. Just like the fixed ones, these are also cheap, but don’t expect great flexibility with viewing. 
  3. The best and most expensive of the lot is an articulating TV wall mount, which is also called a full-motion mount. These come with arms, which hold the screen securely and allows the user to move the screen in any direction. 

If you don’t mind spending a tad more, go for the third option. 


For basic TV wall mounts, you don’t need professional help, as long as you have the basic tools. However, if you have drywalls, or want to avoid unwanted damage to the walls, we recommend that you consider calling a professional service for installation. The manufacturer will usually mention what’s included in the package and if that particular mount must be installed by experts. 

Size and weight

These are also two critical aspects to consider. Firstly, you would want the mount to be sturdy and strong enough to hold the television, especially if you have a big screen. Most products will come with all details related to weight capacity and dimensions, so check for these aspects. 

Buy online

If you want the best deals on wall mounts, check online stores, where you will also find a wide range of styles, models, including those that come with an extra space for holding your laptop. It’s a onetime purchase, so spending a tad more is never a bad idea.