Hiring A Boat When You Are in Singapore; A Few Good Reasons to Consider the Idea

Hopefully you’ve found your way to this blog because you’re already thinking about renting a boat whilst in Singapore and are in the process of filling your boots with as much information as you can. If you used a search engine and it was brought here then, you are smack bang, right where you need to be for some impartial, friendly points of view as to why hiring a boat in Singapore is such a great idea. If this is your first time at hiring a boat, let alone driving one, then you’ll want to consider the following to help reinforce your choice;

It’s a learning experience 

Most people haven’t experienced the joy of driving a boat before, not only will you be having a new experience, you’ll also be learning new skills and learning a thing or two about yourself too! Driving a boat is an odd experience, if you’ve never tried before, unlike driving a car or riding a bike, nothing is actually touching the ground, or it shouldn’t be anyway!

Some people have never even been on a boat before, let alone looked into daily boat hire in Singapore, make sure you take it step by step and perhaps you should at least try a boat trip first and then, be a passenger on the boat you are hoping to hire. Remember the operation is all down to science and physics, it’s practical so, if you understand how the boat works and how the behaviour of the sea can affect your ability to operate the boat you should be in a much better position when it comes to casting off. 

It can save you money on accommodation

If you are hiring a boat that has space to sleep, then you could, if you want to, stay on the boat for the duration of your hire. There are several benefits, mainly the experience of having a meal on the boat, or mooring, falling asleep and waking up to the sound and the motion of the sea can provide the best night’s sleep ever and, you’ll be saving money on paying for a hotel room!

You are your own boss, go places other only dream of

There is nothing worse than being a passenger, seeing something or a location and wanting to go and explore a little further, but you can’t, because you’re not in control! Well, with a boat of your own, you are your own boss, you can, within reason, go wherever you choose without having to ask the permission of the captain. You are the captain, the top man and, you’ll feel just that, if you are in control of your vessel that is.

See the city in a way you will remember forever

When you hire something like a boat, it gives you a new level of freedom, you are able to get to places that you simply couldn’t access with a car or bike which provides you with the unique chance to see the world from a different perspective. You’ll be able to take pictures of some of the city’s best scenery from angles that most people will never get the chance to experience. Not only can you take your memories with you, you could also make a picture of a video diary of your trip and take a physical form home with you too.