Hiring an Employment Attorney – Here’s Everything You Should Know! 

Losing a job suddenly is a serious issue. The fired employees not only face an immediate financial crisis, but it also affects their mental health. The state of Virginia and even the US Supreme Court have made many laws to protect both state employees and federal employees against any kind of discrimination that they’re put through. If you believe that you were wrongfully fired, you’re eligible to file a lawsuit against the employer/company. 

A reputable Virginia employment attorney can offer you the much-needed legal assistance to ensure that justice is served. An employer cannot fire you due to any of the reasons listed in the sections below. 

  1. If you were a whistle-blower against illegal activities that were going on in the company. 
  2. If you applied for leaves of absence under FMLA or ADA. 
  3. If you denied working overtime since you weren’t being paid for overtime. 

If you were wrongfully terminated due to any of the above-mentioned reasons, the employer is playing against the employee protection law. Some other reasons where you can file a case against the company include the following. 

  1. You’re facing discrimination due to your gender, ethnicity, or color.
  2. You’re being forced to leave the job because you’re pregnant or physically challenged. 
  3. You’re being subjected to sexual harassment and the HR department isn’t intervening. 
  4. You’re being subjected to mental pressure by a short-tempered boss.
  5. You’re being asked to provide sexual favors in order to get a promotion. 

All these issues, and many more, are a complete violation of the City and County Employment Rights. An employment attorney will, thus, play a very crucial role in delivering justice. 

These legal maestros have a very careful approach that helps them win cases for their clients. A responsible attorney will help strengthen your case in the following ways. 

Reputable Attorneys Treat Every Case as a New Case 

One of the reasons that legal representatives at Law firms like Pierce McCoy have a high success rate is that they treat every case with the attention it deserves. 

Reputable Attorneys Study the Case Very Carefully 

Experienced lawyers very well know the importance of strengthening a case before opting for a settlement option or filing a lawsuit. They will devote proper time to studying the case and collecting hard evidence to prove that you were wrongfully terminated. 

To sum up, whether or not you get justice (in the form of financial compensation or getting your job back) depends upon the skills of the lawyer who’s fighting for your rights. Wherefore, be very careful of the lawyers you hire.