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Everything You Need to Know About the Schertz Pest Control


Schertz is a bustling city in the state of Texas, within the United States. Unfortunately, the residents there are facing an increasing rise of common pests in their houses. They are in dire need of eliminating these creatures that are invading their homes. 

Seeking help from a pest control company is a professional way of dealing with the rising problem. Their process of thorough inspection and disinfection is extremely beneficial for the neighborhood. 

What Benefits Does Schertz Pest Control Offer?

Schertz Pest Control offers several benefits and quick solutions, these include:

  • The inspection to identify how the pests are invading the properties. This makes it easier to set the traps and plan the strategies effectively.
  • The accuracy and the identification of the location of the pest help them to know how harmful the creatures are. 
  • The infestation should be observed accurately. This helps them to determine the seriousness of the pest’s harmful behavior. 
  • The use of improper pesticides might be dangerous. Hence, the companies must be familiar with which products should be used to keep the residents safe.

What Are the Pests That Schertz Pest Control Helps Eliminate?

The city of Schertz is home to a large number of pests that are various shapes and sizes, these include: 

  • House centipedes.
  • Bed bugs.
  • Bathroom pests.
  •  Ants.
  •  Ticks and fleas.
  •  Spiders.
  •  Mosquitoes.
  •  Termites.
  •  Cockroaches.
  •  And rodents. 

House centipedes- Are about an inch and a half long of yellowish color with three black stripes that run down the length of their body.

Bed bugs- Cause stress as these little critters are extremely difficult to get rid of.

Fleas- Are tiny wingless insects that rapidly jump around and hide very well. They feed on mammal and bird blood.

Spiders- Are tiny arachnids that usually spin small webs. They don’t often bite humans but do cause reactions on the human skin. 

Rodents- Such as a rat or mice make a secret nest anywhere inside the house, even in the walls, you will need effective and strategically set traps to get rid of them.


In conclusion, it may be said that regardless of the type of pest invading the residences, the Schertz Pest Control company can effectively eliminate all the problems. They make allowances for the weather, humidity, and rainfall, and recommend the best application times based on current conditions.